November 12, 2019

My Memoirs Of Vietnam: Vietnam e-Visa Made My Trip Smooth

My name is Jae Wan and I am from Daegu, South Korea, and my nationality is Korean. I am a businessman for which I need to travel. As a businessman, I have traveled to numerous places as I run an import and export business, and I attend all my clients, with whom I do business with. However, after traveling to numerous countries, the most favorite out of all in my list is Vietnam, and I have many strong reasons for that. The country carries a huge and long history, which is appreciated by individuals all around the world, and the country is well-known for its beautiful natural beauty.

The country of Vietnam is bustling with numerous opportunities for importers and exporters like me. The country has a population of 90 million, which is according to my knowledge stands out to be the 14th largest nation in the world. However, since Vietnam is still on the verge of developing in the business sector, it will stand out to be a challenge for many exports and importers. Therefore, being a professional businessman, I have found all kinds of challenges in my first step in gaining success, and Vietnam will help in the process.

Therefore, Vietnam exports a good deal of coffee, crude oil, rice, footwear, rubber, electronics, and seafood, but the list doesn’t stop there. Numerous aspects make investing in Vietnam important and I find this fine opportunity as my perfect gateway towards success. Overall, Vietnam stands out as one of the most unique nations and choosing the country as my next business destination is worth every penny I spend.

Why I chose E-Visa rather than going to the Embassy for my travels to Vietnam?

Before I was thinking of applying for a visa on arrival, one of my uncles told me about the E-Visa. When I learned about the procedures of obtaining the visa, I quickly changed my decision and turned towards the E-visa category. here are all the correct information for choosing E-visa rather than the procedures involved through the Embassy:

  • One of the best things about the E-Visa is that the procedure for it is very much efficient and fast as it carries only a few steps that are required to be followed. This is because the application procedure is done online, I just had to provide all the necessary information by filling out the application form. The filling and processing of the form will only take less than 3-5 minutes and not more than that. This is considered to be one of the best ways for me since I am a busy individual and traveling to the Vietnamese embassy will make me buy too much of my precious time.
  • I have found out that if I traveled with a visa on arrival, I would have only given the chance to access the country through five specific international airports. Therefore, the E-visa is more than it can provide, because with it can I can gain entry into Vietnam from 13 international border gates, 7 seaports and 8 specific international airports. All I need to do is provide the immigration staff at the border checking points of the country with a valid E-visa.
  • I am a person where I take my expenses seriously, and I do not respect unnecessary spending. Therefore, to avoid spending too much, I found the E-Visa to be very much cost-effective. This is because, I just have to pay the application fee which 29,000KRW (South Korean Won), which is $25 in US currency and not a bit higher than that. Once my payment procedure and the filling of the form are completed, I received my E-visa within 3 working days.

The application process for Vietnam e-visa

According to my knowledge, the process was very simple and did not require too many documents and information. What I was told to provide and the method of processing for the E-visa, is provided below.


  • The passport provided should have a validation of six months.
  • A standard size passport photos that were recently taken. Photo Guide
  • The application for e-visa should carry information that is accurate and true.
  • A valid email address for receiving the e-visa and an active credit card for paying the application fee is compulsory.


  • I completed the entire application form for the E-visa that stands out as the first step. The application form is required to carry all my personal information that is accurate and true.
  • Second step was to upload two of my recent passport-sized photos along with a copy of the original passport. However, the copy is the scan of the page that carries my personal information.
  • Lastly, my procedure and payment submission were successful on the first try for which I received my e-visa through my provided email after 3 working days, as the online website directed it.

Now you know the easiest route to reach Vietnam and E-visa will make sure you get to receive the ultimate travel experience as a businessman.

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