April 29, 2020

Rush visa for Vietnam

Rush visa for Vietnam is one of the best express services we offer to ensure your stay in the country is hassle free and authorized.

How does it get processed?

You just need to fill out our simple application form with all the required details online. Once you make the payment we will start the process and get you the approval letter swiftly.

What do you get and Why choose us?

You don’t have to worry about standing in long queues at the embassy office. We give you a real time update on your rush visa for Vietnam approval process. We are dedicated professionals in this field and we can provide you our expert support to get your visa on time. You can contact us through our phone line or through live chat. You can rely on us as we offer the approval letter according to the guaranteed time frame. Your privacy and security of your information is intact and safe.

There are absolutely no concealed charges or any extra fees. We will inform you about the fees right when you fill the form and apply with us. Every transaction we do is transparent.

With our rush visa for Vietnam service you can get your stay in the country approved within a matter of just few hours! So if you send us a request in the morning you can expect to get the approval letter by afternoon. On the other hand, if you apply in the afternoon, we can get it processed by evening! However this service can be availed only at the international airports in the country. Once you get the approval letter, it’s important you print it before you board the airplane.

We work even on weekends and public holidays, so never hesitate to get in touch with us for all your Vietnam visa requirements.


In some conditions, you need a Top Urgently Visa to enter Vietnam. Please do not worry for  anything, we will help you with all procedures.

This summer, the New Immigration Laws of Vietnam (2020) are said to undergo major changes. In doing so, they hope to attract more foreign visitors while still making sure that illegal workers and criminals won’t be able to get into the country.

Recently, Vietnam’s National Assembly has called for an amendment to the current immigration law of the country (New Immigration Law of Vietnam). And for the first time, Vietnam’s Immigration has finally allowed foreign visitors to change their status while still in the country.

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The Application for entry and exit Visa form is an important document that you have to submit to the Vietnam Immigration Officer when entering Vietnam. Since March 1, 2015, the old entry and exit form has been replaced by a new one which was renamed into Vietnamese visa application form.