April 5, 2020
Visa On Arrival

Should Gabon Citizens Apply for a Vietnam Visa?

Yes, it is mandatory for a Gabonese citizen to apply for a cheap Vietnam visa. Since the citizens of Gabon remain excluded from the Visa-free entry list of Vietnam, they stay ineligible for the Vietnam visa waiver program. So, Vietnam visa cheap for Gabonese citizens is a mandatory document. Also, this Vietnam visa is an important document which stands as an evidence. It requires an exhibition to the authorities at all the boundaries like – airports, land ports and sea ports of Vietnam.

What are the ways to apply for a Vietnam Visa for the Gabon citizens?

There are two ways through which one could apply for a cheap Vietnam visa for Gabonese citizen. They are Vietnam visa on arrival and Applying visa at the Vietnam Embassy or consulate.

Applying for Vietnam Visa on arrival

Visa on arrival helps people who live far away from the Vietnam Embassy, or those who do not wish to submit their original documents. Instead of applying through the Vietnam Embassy, they can pick up Vietnam visa from any one of the international airports.

How to apply for the Vietnam visa on arrival?

To apply for a Vietnam Visa on arrival, you should fill out your basic information as in passport in an online form. It is very easy to fill it out, and provides opportunity to fill out from any part of the world. All you need is a computer with an internet facility.

What is the processing time?

You will normally receive the confirmation letter within two to three hours, which lets you know about the application status. The Vietnamese government, mails the Visa approval letter to you in two working days. But if you are running an emergency, you can get your visa approval letter even within four hours. You just have to make additional payment. You must then take a print of this letter and present along with your passport for the visa stamping process.

Applying Visa through the Vietnamese Embassy /Consulate

There is no Vietnam Embassy in Gabon. So, one has to apply for a Vietnam visa through the Vietnam embassy situated in the nearest countries. In this process, a traveler has to submit the original Gabon passport which has a validity of at least 6 months. Along with this the traveler has to give 2 passport-sized photos, and the visa stamping fee.

What is the processing time?

The processing time usually takes about five to seven days. But, this method remains rather complicated, as it involves submission of your original important documents. The chances of your passport getting missed remain high under this method.

Important Note: When you apply for a visa on arrival, make sure to apply with a genuine website. It must offer a 100% guarantee of refund, if in case your application gets rejected by the government of Vietnam.

What is the Vietnam visa extension procedure for Gabon passport holder?

According to the regulations of the Vietnamese government, foreigners in common and the Gabonese citizens in particular can stay in the country for only a maximum of six consecutive months. In case, if the visa of a passenger has expired without any extension, the passenger has to undergo punishment for overdue visa. Also, the chances of traveler getting deported and blacklisted from the country stand high.  Under this situation, a traveler can arrive at Tan Son Nhat international airport or the Moc Bai border gate, from where he can extend the visa.

Always keep in mind that the Visa extension procedures rely on the purpose of the latest visa that you used to enter the country. If you are looking to extend the Vietnam visa, the border gate where you are intending to enter will determine the cost of visa extension. Also, the most recent date of entry will have a significant impact on the extension cost of your visa. Normally, a visa can stay extended for up to three months. But for the business or work visa, the maximum extension allowed remains six months to one year!

Conditions to get the Vietnam visa cheapest for Gabonese citizen

When you intend to apply for a Vietnamese visa, you must hold a valid passport with a validity of at least 6 months. Make sure that the validity of your passport doesn’t exceed the date of your expected visa. Also take care to fill in the right details when filling out the visa application form. This is because, if you commit even a simple error your visa will stay canceled. Or you will have to spend additional time and money to edit it. You must also carry two copies of your recently taken passport sized photographs. Moreover, if you are applying for the Vietnam visa on arrival, you can use it only if you are intending to travel by air. If you are traveling by ship or land, you cannot enter Vietnam without the Vietnam visa.