There are 3 levels of the fee for getting a judicial record certificate in Vietnam, they are : 👉 It costs VND 200 000 (around US$10) for Vietnamese people, foreigners living in Vietnam or abroad. 👉 👉 It cost VND 100 000 (around US$5) for Vietnamese pupils, students, people contributing to the Revolution, relatives of

For foreigners who need to submit a police check certificate that’s issued by their own country of nationality, it must be translated, notarized, and legalized by the authorities where the document was issued, and in accordance with both foreign and Vietnam laws. Here’s how to use the juridical record certificate that’s issued overseas: The Police

Here’s how to obtain a judicial record certificate in Vietnam: Foreigners who have been residing in Vietnam for the past six months can request for the certificate directly from the Provincial Justice Dept. of where they reside.

When applying for the judicial record certificate in Vietnam, there are requirements that you need to submit. These include the following: Declaration form requesting for the issuance of judicial record certificate.

Foreigners in Vietnam might be required to provide a judicial record certificate or a certificate of good conduct for various reasons. The judicial record certificate is also known as the lack of a criminal record certificate since the document will serve as proof of whether a person has a criminal record or not while living

Foreigners who needed to apply for a work permit in Vietnam will be asked to submit a judicial record certificate. Usually, the following cases will apply: If the foreign individual has not yet entered Vietnam or is already living in the country but for less than 6 months, a judicial record certificate coming from the

The judicial record certificate is a certificate that’s issued by the agency in Vietnam that manages the country’s judicial record database. It serves as a valid proof of whether or not the individual has a previous conviction or is banned from taking up certain posts.

A Judicial Record Certificate in Vietnam is a document that offers judicial or criminal information regarding a person in Vietnam. Also called the police check or criminal record card, this document is an important requirement when applying for a work permit.

If you’re a foreigner in Vietnam and you need to apply for a work permit, one of the requirements that you need to submit is the judicial record certificate. Also known as the criminal record certificate, this document is a valid proof of whether or not an individual has a previous criminal conviction.

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