Visiting Vietnam has never been easier for Spaniards! We are thrilled to announce that starting August 15, 2023, Spaniards can apply for a 90-day e-visa, thanks to the government’s resolution 127/NQ-CP. This update grants citizens of all countries the opportunity to explore the mesmerizing beauty of Vietnam for an extended period.

Due to the rapid spread of the Covid 19 virus, Vietnam has to temporarily close its borders and ban international flights while also suspending visa issuance. This is done in order to stop the spread of the deadly virus that has already claimed the lives of thousands of individuals around the world.

Spanish citizens who needed to travel to Vietnam for work or business can now do so since the country is now accepting travellers who wish to visit the country for essential purposes. But before they can enter, there are several requirements that one must fulfil.

Do Spanish citizens require to make visa application for Vietnam? Vietnamese government offers 15 days visa-free for Spanish passport holders. In case of visiting Vietnam for more than 15 days, Spanish passport holders are required to make visa application for visiting Vietnam Options for citizens of Spain getting a visa for Vietnam: Application For Visa

If you have been traveling for a while, then you knew that applying for a visa would require you to submit certain requirements. This is also the same for the Vietnam e-visa for Spanish citizens.

Spanish passport holders could apply for e-visa online and here is the procedure:- Fill the online application with your personal details such as your name, date of birth, passport number, and date of arrival and departure, and entry and exit ports as well. Also, you are required to upload your scanned copy of your passport

Citizens of Spain won’t need a visa if staying for fewer than 15 days. Vietnam visa waiver program You should apply for a visa if intending to stay for more than 15 days Citizens of Spain are advised to find below for options to get a visa for Vietnam: 👉 Option 1 : Apply for

Are you looking for location of Vietnam embassy in Spain 🇪🇸? There are embassy and consulate of Vietnam in Spain, please see below for more details : Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Madrid, Spain 🇪🇸 Address: Calle Segre No5, 28002 Madrid, Spain 🇪🇸 Tel : +34-91-5102867 – Fax: +34-91-4157067 Email:

Do citizens of Spain need a visa to visit Vietnam? At present, citizens of Spain are free for 15 days of Vietnam Visa. If you plan to stay in Vietnam less than 15 days, you do not need to apply Vietnam Visa.

Spanish citizens can visit Vietnam and stay for 15 days or less than without obtaining a visa. However, if you want to stay for more than 15 days, you’ll need a visa.

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