May 26, 2020
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Vietnam e-Visa Application Procedures for Australian

The process is very easy since you need to fill out the application for the visa in the online platform. This makes it one of the best ways to receive a visa quickly. With the help of this visa, the Australian nationals will be given the chance to enter the country for any purpose. It could be tourism, education, business or meeting a family. The Vietnam E-visa For Australian visa procedure will help Australian citizens in many ways. They don’t have to the consulate of the embassy of Vietnam. This will save a handful amount of time, money and energy.

If you wish to know the exact procedure to obtain the Vietnam e-visa for Australian citizens, follow the given steps. You will learn the step-by-step method, the documents required, and some helpful advice. This enable you to proceed with the Vietnam E-visa For Australian citizens like a pro.

Make sure to follow the above-mentioned points step-by-step without leaving or missing out on any of it. When you receive your Vietnam e-visa for Australian, you will gain access to the country with a single-entry visa and get to  explore, discover and learn about the country for 30 days. Therefore, unlike in the traditional ways, there won’t be an issue for you to face.


With the help of accurate information, you will be able to complete your Vietnam e-visa for Australian application. Therefore, there are some important documents, which you need to submit in the process.

What is Vietnam e-Visa? Vietnam e-visa for Australian citizens is an online visa approval process. Payment and delivery of the visa is done entirely online, and probably takes 3-4 business days.

Just like all the countries, Australians have to go through the visa process, in order to gain access to the nation. This is possible with the help of a Vietnam e-visa for Australian nationals.

In February 2017, the Vietnam Immigration has launched its e-Visa program. This program has streamlined the process of applying for a visa to enter the country.

As mentioned above, the Vietnam e-Visa for Australian passport holders will only allow you to stay in the country for 30 days. If you’re thinking of extending your stay to more than 30 days, you can request for an extension while you’re still in Vietnam.

The cost of acquiring a Vietnam e-visa will vary depending on the processing time. If you prefer the regular processing that could take up to 3 business days, you’ll have to pay $25.

Before you apply for the e-Visa, it’s important that you know the requirements that you need to comply. So here are the requirements for your Vietnam e-Visa application: Passport, which should be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry to the country.

Australian citizens need a visa to enter Vietnam, whether it’s for tourism, business, or other purposes. Now that the Vietnam e-visa for Australian passport holders is available, it should be easy for any Australian to come to Vietnam.

To apply for the Vietnam e-visa for Australian, you need to fill up a single application form. Therein, you need to include some of basic details.