January 11, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

Vietnam e-visa for Citizens of Macedonia

The Vietnam e-visa a fast and easy way for citizens of Macedonia to apply for their visa to Vietnam. This visa can be obtained online and will be sent to your email in 3 – 5 business days. Both the payment and delivery of this visa is online. You will pay for the processing fee with your card online. Once the visa is approved, it will be sent to your email in a PDF file.

So if you’re from Macedonia and you’re planning to go to Vietnam for a holiday, check out this article as we share everything you need to know about the Vietnam e-visa.

What is Vietnam e-Visa?

The Vietnam e-visa is one of the latest types of visas that the Vietnam Immigration Dept. has offered to foreigners who plan on vacationing in their country. It’s good for a single-entry visit and Macedonian visitors who hold the visa can stay in the country for 30 days.

The best thing about this visa is that you can only get it online. There’s no need to visit a Vietnam embassy like before. Because of this, you can apply for this visa anywhere you are, for as long as you are connected to the Internet. As of now, the Vietnam e-visa is available to citizens of more than 80 countries, including Macedonia.

Details About the E-Visa Vietnam for Citizens of Macedonia

To fully understand what a Vietnam e-visa, here’s a brief summary of what this visa is all about:

  • It’s a single-entry visa to Vietnam.
  • Holders of the e-visa can stay in the country for a maximum of 30 days, with an option to apply for visa extension but must be done through a 3rd party agency that can sponsor your stay in the country.
  • Application of the e-visa is done online. Once approved, the e-visa will be sent through email.
  • The e-visa copy must be printed and brought to your trip to the country. This is what you will show the immigration officer in order to be allowed entry to Vietnam.
  • Parents who are taking their kids to Vietnam must also apply for an e-visa for each of their kids, except if the kids share a passport with them.
  • Applicants are required to carry their e-visa copy at all times during their entire stay in Vietnam.

Vietnam e-Visa Requirements for Citizens of Macedonia

Before you go online and process your application of the Vietnam e-visa, you must first prepare the requirements needed. Here are the requirements that citizens of Macedonia must-have when applying for the e-visa:

  1. A passport that’s valid for 6 months from the date of entry to Vietnam.
  2. Your photo with white background and must be in a jpeg format as it will be uploaded on your application form. Photo Guide.
  3. Credit card or debit card for the payment of the processing fee.
  4. Valid email address where your e-visa copy will be sent.
  5. Travel plan with entry date and exit date in Vietnam.

Receiving your E-visa Copy

After about 3 – 5 business days, you will receive an email informing you of the status of your Vietnam visa. When approved, you will be asked to click on a link where you can download a copy of your e-visa. Provide the registration code and the other information being asked from you. And you will be able to download your e-visa copy. Print this out and bring it to your trip.

If after five business days, you still have not heard anything about the status of your e-visa, send them an email for a follow-up. The processing of your visa should not take long, except during the peak season or public holidays. Also, make sure you fill out the form correctly. One of the reasons for the delay of e-visa processing is because the applicant entered incorrect information. So to avoid this, review the information you have entered on the form before you proceed on the next page.

For travelers who needed their visa urgently, you can pay for a rush processing of the visa. With this option, you can get your visa in as fast as 24 hours!

Where To Use Your Vietnam E-visa?

Another advantage of the Vietnam e-visa is that this visa can be used in entering the country in different means. You can use it when you enter Vietnam at an airport, land border, or seaport. Unlike the Vietnam Visa on Arrival that can only be used at the airport, the Vietnam e-visa can be used in more than 28 borders all over Vietnam, which is really amazing.

List-of-port that accept for e-visa

So if you’re thinking of going to Vietnam for your much-needed holiday break, you should apply for your e-visa as early as now! Grab your computer, connect to the Internet, and be ready with the requirements as stated above.