January 16, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

Vietnam e-visa for New Zealand

Many foreigners travel to Vietnam as it is a beautiful, friendly, and affordable country, and New Zealanders are one among them. Since New Zealand is not the visa exemption list, New Zealand citizens need to have a valid visa to enter and exit Vietnam. Be it a business visit or tourist purpose, you will need a visa. The good news is the Vietnam Embassy Government has simplified the visa process for foreign travelers who wish to explore the country.

You can obtain visa through the embassy, apply for Visa on Arrival, and E-visa. But, if you want to make things easier and save time, Vietnam e-visa for New Zealand is the ideal choice.

How to get a visa?

There are three options to get a visa to enter Vietnam, including the embassy, visa on arrival, and E-visa. Of course, we all know applying through embassy is long process and it consumes a lot of time. On the other hand, both Visa on arrival, and e-visa are easy to get visa and enter Vietnam. However, both the options has its own pros and cons. The traveler must from the two option based on their requirements, mode of transportation, type of visa, and length of stay.

Yes, while visa on arrival offers both single and multiple visas for 30 and 90 days, e-visa offers single entry with only 30 days validity. So, if you want to stay more than 30 days, e-visa may not be suitable since you have to extend the visa and it allows only single entry. That means you are allowed to enter and exit Vietnam only once. It is not the case with the multiple entry visas as it allows entering and exiting Vietnam as many as times you need till your visa validity.

However, Visa on Arrival is valid for only people who travel by air and the approval letter is not accepted on the landports and seaports. In that case, Vietnam e-visa for New Zealand is the viable option. If you are planning to travel by air or land or cruise, opt for E-visa as it easier and allows entering 28 entry ports, including air, sea, and overland.

List-of-port that accept for e-visa

Remember, the process of both Vietnam E-visa for New Zealand and Visa on Arrival is easier and simple. But, if you ask which is better? It depends on the length of your stay and mode of transport.

Which is better e-visa or Visa on Arrival?

  • E-visa is the best option if you don’t want to wait for a long time in the airport and enter by cruise or land.
  • If it is an emergency, choose Visa on Arrival over e-visa
  • Opt for Visa on arrival if you want to stay in Vietnam for a long time, including 3 or 6 months.

What is Vietnam E-visa for New Zealand and how to apply?

E-visa or electronic visa, is a document issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department to foreigners who wish to visit Vietnam. But, E-visa is applicable for only 80 countries and not for all the foreigners. Fortunately, New Zealand passport holders can apply for Vietnam E-visa to get a visa and enter Vietnam. E-visa is valid for the travellers who travel by air, sea, and land. The process of applying e-visa is easier and affordable as well. Yes, you will have to pay on ly $25 as processing fee and the process is simple. You can avoid the frequent trips to the Vietnam Embassy.

Country list for Vietnam e-visa

Documents required for e-visa:-

  • A passport valid with at least six months.
  • A digital copy of your passport size photo. Photo Guide.
  • A valid international debit or credit card to pay the processing fee of $25.
  • A valid email address to receive the e-visa and confirmation letter.
  • Travel plan with date of arrival and approval with entry and exit ports, including sea, land, and air

Unlike Visa on arrival, where you have to wait at the airport to get your visa stamped in your passport, E-visa saves time as you don’t need to get your visa stamped. It helps to save your time and money as well. Yes, e-visa requires only $25 for processing the visa online. Visa on Arrival requires at least $6 for processing fee and an additional fee for visa stamping at the airport ($25 for single entry visa & $50 for multiple-entry visa). The cost for Visa on Arrival may vary according to the type of visa you choose and purpose of the visit.

How to apply Vietnam E-visa for citizens of New Zealand?

  • You can approach the agency or fill the online application that is available on the official site https://xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn. Ensure to provide the right details of your personal information while filling the form.
  • Pay the fee of $25 with your debit or credit card and submit the application form
  • You will receive the e-visa in your email in a couple of days and get a printout
  • Take it with you and show the copy of your E-visa upon arrival.

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Today, Vietnam has become one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world. There are a lot of attractions to explore in Vietnam and most importantly it is affordable.

Vietnam allows a visa-free travel for citizens from several countries for a limited period. But, New Zealand enjoy no such exemption.