May 12, 2020
Vietnam Landing Visa

Vietnam Landing Visa in Cat Bi Airport

Cat Bi Airport is an International airport that’s located in Hai Phong City. If you want to visit the tourist sights of Hai Phong such as the Elephant Mountain and Nguyen Binh Khiem Temple, you should consider flying directly to Cat Bi Airport. Halong Bay is also easily accessible from this airport.

Cat Bi airport hosts both domestic and international flights. The airport connects to various Asian cities such as Seoul and Macau. It’s equipped with modern facilities, including a landing visa counter. If you’re a foreign visitor to Vietnam and you need a visa to enter Hai Phong City, consider using the Vietnam landing visa in Cat Bi Airport.

Applying for the Vietnam Landing Visa in Cat Bi Airport

The first thing you need to do is to look for a trusted agency online that can process the landing visa for you. Although you can only claim the visa when you arrive at the airport, you’re required to apply for the visa in advance and the agency can facilitate the application on your behalf.

When applying for the Vietnam Landing Visa to Cat Bi Airport, you’ll be required to fill out the visa application form online. You need to enter your complete name, birth date, and other important information about yourself. The details you will provide will be used in the processing of your visa so make sure you type them correctly. Double-check the form before you submit them. When your visa approved, you’ll get an email with the pre-approval letter.

Here’s how to apply for the Vietnam Landing Visa in Cat Bi Airport

  1. Visit the website of the Vietnam travel agency that you have found online. Then click on the link to apply for the Vietnam visa on arrival. Provide all the information that’s necessary to process your visa application. Choose whether you need a single entry or multiple entry visas. Then choose “Cat Bi airport” from the list of airports where you will claim the visa. Submit the form when you’re done.
  2. When the agency receives your visa application, they will forward this to the Vietnam Immigration Dept. for your visa to be processed. Once your visa is approved, they will issue a pre-approval letter. The agency will forward the letter to your email.
  3. Print the letter and prepare the other requirements needed for you to claim the Vietnam Landing Visa in Cat Bi Airport. You need to also submit 2 passport-sized photos and your passport. Prepare cash in USD or VND currency for the payment of stamping fee.
  4. When you arrive in Cat Bi Airport, look for the Vietnam landing visa counter. Here, submit all the requirements and wait for a few minutes while your visa is being processed.
  5. Once your visa is available, they will call your name. Approach the counter and claim your passport. Check your passport and see if the visa sticker is already attached to it, then you can proceed to Passport Control so you can enter Vietnam.

Why Choose the Vietnam Landing Visa

The Vietnam landing visa is one of the easiest Vietnam visas to apply. It will not require you to go to an embassy to submit your application or claim your visa. The application is done online so you can do it wherever you are for as long as you are connected to the Internet.

Another reason why you should choose the Vietnam Landing Visa for Cat Bi Airport is that it will let you choose from a single entry and multiple entries. You also get to choose the visa validity, which is either 30 days or 60 days. Thus, it’s a great visa for those who needed to stay in Vietnam for a much longer time.

Things to Keep In Mind When Applying for the Vietnam Landing Visa

Take note that the Vietnam landing visa can only be claimed from the airports of Vietnam. You cannot claim this visa at the land border entry points or the seaports of Vietnam. Therefore, it does not apply to those who are entering on a cruise or traveling by land.

If possible, apply for your visa at least two weeks ahead of your trip. Although the standard processing time is 2 – 4 business days, there are instances when this can be delayed. So to avoid any issues, submit your visa application as early as you can. You can also request a rush processing option from the agency that will process your visa. But this will cost you more for the processing fee.

Another important thing to remember is to make sure you bring a printed copy of the pre-approval letter. This will serve as proof that you have been approved of a Vietnam visa. Sometimes, the staff at the check-in counter will ask you for a visa so you can present this letter.

What is Visa On Arrival Vietnam? [show answer]

Vietnam Visa On Arrival (also called Vietnam Landing Visa) is an alternative way to get your visa for Vietnam instead going to the embassy or consulate of Vietnam. The visa will be issued for you at International airports in Vietnam.

To get Vietnam Visa on arrival, you are advised to fill in visa application form online to request for the visa approval letter.

A scanned copy of the approval letter will be sent to your email address. You will also receive a blank application form. Print the letter and the form and fill out the form correctly. Bring these with you to Vietnam.

Upon arriving at an International Airport of Vietnam, look for the Visa Landing Counter. You’ll find it right in front of Passport Control. Here, submit the approval letter, application form, and your passport. You will also be asked to pay for an additional fee called stamping fee in cash. Then the officer will ask you to wait while they process your visa.

When your visa is ready, they will call you back to the counter. Then the officer will hand you your passport. Check the passport and you’ll find the visa in it. Now you can go to Passport Control for immigration checks to enter Vietnam.

What is the official website for Visa On Arrival? [show answer]

There is NO official website for Visa On Arrival Vietnam.


Visa On Arrival Vietnam required a company in Vietnam sponsor for their customers or guests. If you  want to get Visa On Arrival Vietnam, you are required to contact with a company in Vietnam for their sponsoring.

Which website should I choose to apply my visa ?

There are numerous companies in Vietnam built websites for receive request for Visa On Arrival Vietnam, please do some search to find a reliable one offers reasonable price with 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Tips to check for a reliable website: 

  • The website must have SSL certificate to make sure your data encrypted. Prefix of domain name must have httpS://
  • Check domain records by using or – the old of the domain name the more reliable, some website saying that they build for more than 10 years when but domain name newly buy
  • Check their policy for refund. Some website saying 100% money back guarantee but it’s too complicated with their term. Why we have to pay if we are not satisfied with the service or product ?
  • Using PayPal to protect your payment & ask for refund easily if necessary.

Citizens of Which Countries Are Accepted for Visa On Arrival Vietnam? [show answer]

Citizens of ALL COUNTRIES in the worlds are eligible to apply for Visa On Arrival Vietnam.

Unlike Visa On Arrival of some countries, Visa On Arrival Vietnam required applicant obtain a visa approval letter (also called pre-approval letter) before flying to Vietnam to pick up their visa upon arrival at the airports.

Applicants for Visa On Arrival are accepted to pick up their visa at international airports of  Vietnam only.

Which International Airport in Vietnam accept for Visa On Arrival? [show answer]

With the visa approval letter, you can use to get Vietnam Visa at one of the following international airports:

  1. Noi Bai international airport (Hanoi city),
  2. Tan Son Nhat international airport (Ho Chi Minh City city),
  3. Cam Ranh international airport (Nha Trang city),
  4. Da Nang airport (Da Nang city),
  5. Cat Bi international airport (Hai Phong city),
  6. Lien Khuong international airport (Da Lat city) and
  7. Phu Quoc international airport (Phu Quoc islands)

What is the procedure at Vietnam airport to get the visa? [show answer]

Upon arrival at the airport, you will see the “Landing Visa Counter”. You are advised to stop at this place to get the visa into your passport before queuing in line at Passport Control for immigration checks.

At the “Landing Visa Counter”, you are required to submit your original passport + the visa approval letter + completed form NA1 (you can download the Vietnamese-visa-application-form (Form NA1) to fill, sign and attached a photo of your face on it – see Photo guide) then wait to be called for paying the stamping fee for getting your visa.

What is stamping fee at Vietnam airport and how much is it?

After make the payment for visa stamping fee, you will be called again to get back your passport with the visa inside.

Please remember to check information in your visa before leaving.

How much does the Vietnam visa on arrival cost? [show answer]

In general, there are two kind of fees you are required to pay:

The stamping fee (paid directly at Vietnam’s airport when pick up visa there)

Service fee pay for our sponsorship to get the approval letter. Please see our visa fees for update.

We offer 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our service to get the visa approval letter.

What is stamping fee at Vietnam airport and how much is it? [show answer]

The stamping fee is the fee you are required to pay at the airport when you arrive in order to get the official visa stamped in your passport. The stamp fee must be in cash, no credit cards are accepted.

Stamp fee is required to pay at the airport for picking up your visa as follow :

  • 25 USD for 1-month and 3-month single entry
  • 50 USD for 1 month and 3 months multiple entry visa
  • 95 USD for less than 6 months multiple entry visa
  • 135 USD for less than 1 year multiple entry visa


  • The stamping fee at the airport can be paid in USD or VND by Cash only.
  • Price per person

Is the same price of Visa on arrival applied to everyone? [show answer]

There are two kind of fees for getting visa on arrival.

Service fee (not same for everyone): this is fee pay for website owner who arrange the visa approval letter with their sponsoring.  Service fee is various and depend on a number of factors such as country of your passport, length of stay, number of entries, types of visa, how fast would you like to get approval….. Please kindly see our current visa fees.

Stamp fee (same for everyone) : Aside the service you have to pay online to get the visa approval letter, you are required to pay an additional amount called stamp fee to pick up your visa when you arrive. It’s $25 for 1-month and 3-month single entry visa | $50 for 1-month and 3-month multiple-entry visa | $95 for 6-month multiple entry visa | $135 for 1-year multiple entry visa.

Frequently ask about Vietnam Visa On Arrival


The visa on arrival is one of the most popular visa types that tourists going to Vietnam would get. This visa can be claimed from the major airports of Vietnam, including Cat Bi International Airport.

If you’re planning to visit Vietnam’s Hai Phong City, you will most likely be flying to Cat Bi Airport. This is one of the airports in Vietnam that accepts the e-visa.

Those who have been to the city of Hai Phong would say that this paradise embodies the “real Vietnam”. It is a great place to visit if you want to experience Vietnam without the modern vibe that Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh have.

Traveling to Vietnam has now been made easier thanks to the Vietnam Visa on Arrival option. For instance, if you’re going to the city of Hai Phong, you can apply for a Visa on Arrival at Cat Bi Airport.

Traveling to Vietnam is fun as one can see the picturesque backgrounds while they climb the mountains. Also, the country is home to many natural sceneries and thrills seeking adventures.

Vietnam is one of the districts in Southeast Asia which offers different natural cum magnificent places that pull in numerous visitors every year. Likewise, plenty of travelers result in these present circumstances nation to satisfy their adrenaline surge due to the rush looking for experiences they can have.

Stay away from the hassle of airport immigration procedure by opting for the most effective service. Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fast Track through Cat Bi airport is the concierge assistance service which will work great for you.

Vietnam has many wonderful spots to visit. If you are planning for a trip to Vietnam, then you should know everything about how to apply for Vietnam landing visa and the fast track service.

Making the visit and stay in Vietnam is not easy now. Did you know the Vietnam government permitted visa on arrival option for applying for a visa? So, now on, you don’t have to visit the embassy and stand in a long queue to submit the original certificates to apply for a Vietnam visa.