February 18, 2020
Visa Fast Track

Who Should Be Using Vietnam Visa On Arrival Fast Track through Cat Bi airport

Traveling to Vietnam has now been made easier thanks to the Vietnam Visa on Arrival option. For instance, if you’re going to the city of Hai Phong, you can apply for a Visa on Arrival at Cat Bi Airport. And if you want a more convenient way of getting your visa, using the Fast Track Service is highly recommended.

The Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fast Track through Cat Bi Airport will process the visa on your behalf. With their assistance, you no longer need to queue along with other tourists. You just have to give all the requirements to the person who will come to meet you.

The Fast Track Service is available to all foreign passengers who needed a visa to enter Vietnam. As one of the busiest airports in Vietnam, it’s common to see long lines at Cat Bi airport. You can avoid the line if you’ll use the fast track service for the processing of your visa on arrival.

All about Cat Bi International Airport

The Cat Bi Airport is the main airport of Hai Phong City, a port city in the northeastern part of Vietnam. Hai Phong is home to several tourist attractions. Its leafy boulevards are lined with beautiful structures that were built during the French colonial era. Now that more and more people are discovering the unique beauty of Hai Phong, Cat Bi Airport is becoming busier than ever.

Cat Bi International Airport plays an important role during the Vietnam War. It served as the base of the Vietnam’s People Air Force. Nowadays, the airport handles commercial flights. It welcomes thousands of passengers each day. In fact, it has served more than 2 million passengers in 2018. Most of the passengers who are arriving in Cat Bi are foreign visitors who need a visa to enter the country.

Vietnam Visa On Arrival Fast Track through Cat Bi Airport

Hiring the Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fast Track Through Cat Bi Airport is the best way to avoid the long lines for your visa. If you’ll use this service, they will send their staff to personally welcome you. Then you’ll be taken to the visa counter where you will wait for only a few minutes while the staff processes your visa. Just give the staff the requirements, such as your passport and the pre-approval letter.

If you will process the visa by yourself, you could get stuck at the counter for hours. This is especially true if you’re arriving at about the same time with thousands of other foreigners. But with the help of the fast track service, you’ll get your visa in as fast as 10 minutes!

Who Should Be Using the Visa on Arrival Fast Track Service?

Anyone who wanted to enjoy first class service in the processing of his or her Vietnam visa should use the Visa on Arrival Fast Track Service. As mentioned, Cat Bi Airport is one of the busiest airports in the country. Since it welcomes thousands of foreign visitors each day, it’s not surprising to see long lines here everyday. If you don’t want to waste several hours to wait for your visa, then the Fast Track Service is highly recommended.

Businessmen who are coming to Hai Phong for an important meeting should consider using the service. Parents who are traveling with small kids in tow may not want to wait for hours for their visa. In this case, hiring the Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fast Track Through Cat Bi Airport is highly recommended.

How To Book the Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fast Track Service?

Indeed, the Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fast Track through Cat Bi Airport is a great service to use. Booking this service should be easy.

First, you need to request for a pre-approval letter online. When requesting for the letter, indicate that you need the fast track option. Print the letter when you receive it and bring it on your trip.

When you arrive at the airport of Vietnam, you’ll find a staff holding a welcome banner with your name. Approach the staff and give the letter, along with your passport and some other requirements. Follow the staff towards the visa counter and wait on one side while the staff processes your visa. After only 10 min. or less, you’ll get your passport back and it already has your visa.

Is Using the Fast Track Service Worth It?

Yes, the Visa On Arrival Fast Track Service is highly recommended for your trip to Hai Phong, Vietnam. By paying only a small amount of money, you’ll be treated like a VIP when applying for a Visa on Arrival. You no longer need to queue for hours, which is really very convenient. Once you get your passport back, you can immediately proceed to Passport Control in order to be allowed entry to Vietnam.


Traveling to Vietnam is fun as one can see the picturesque backgrounds while they climb the mountains. Also, the country is home to many natural sceneries and thrills seeking adventures.

Vietnam is one of the districts in Southeast Asia which offers different natural cum magnificent places that pull in numerous visitors every year. Likewise, plenty of travelers result in these present circumstances nation to satisfy their adrenaline surge due to the rush looking for experiences they can have.

Stay away from the hassle of airport immigration procedure by opting for the most effective service. Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fast Track through Cat Bi airport is the concierge assistance service which will work great for you.

Vietnam has many wonderful spots to visit. If you are planning for a trip to Vietnam, then you should know everything about how to apply for Vietnam landing visa and the fast track service.

Making the visit and stay in Vietnam is not easy now. Did you know the Vietnam government permitted visa on arrival option for applying for a visa? So, now on, you don’t have to visit the embassy and stand in a long queue to submit the original certificates to apply for a Vietnam visa.

Vietnam e-visa has become the go-to option for a stress-free visa application experience for travellers. As the name suggests, e-visa or electronic visa is a digital document that grants entry to Vietnam.

The Cat Bi airport is located at the city of Hai Phong. It is one of the 6 international airports that accept the Vietnam Visa on Arrival.

Vietnam is a country with a varied cultural heritage and a number of tourist attractions. So, a huge number of tourists plan to travel to Vietnam to spend their holidays.

Numerous travelers visit Vietnam yearly. Vietnam is one of the regions in Southeast Asia which is come to many natural places that attract many tourists annually.