March 23, 2021
Visa tips

Vietnam – Panama : 90-days visa -free for its citizens

According to the agreement between Vietnam – Panama signed on 07 June 2019  (effected on 15 January 2021), Panama ordinary passport holders are exempted from Vietnam visa for maximum 90 days. Also, Vietnamese ordinary passport holders are exempted from Panama visa for maximum 90 days.

For full details about the agreement, please see Visa Exemption Vietnam – Panama


[Hà Nội, 07/06/2019] Phái đoàn Ngoại giao hai nước Việt Nam và Panama đã ký kết hiệp định miễn thị thực. Theo đó, công dân hai nước mang hộ chiếu phổ thông sẽ được miễn thị thực tối đa 90 ngày.

Vietnam is a wonderful country to visit in Southeast Asia. In fact, your backpacking trip to Asia won’t be complete if you don’t include Vietnam on your list of countries to visit.

Although most foreign visitors to Vietnam require a visa to enter the country, citizens of a few countries can visit without the need for a visa. These visitors can stay in Vietnam for a limited period of time.

Vietnam Visa-Free
May 23, 2020

Vietnam has given visa-free option for a particular 24 countries. This visa exemption helps people to enter Vietnam without visa.

It costs you $25 regardingless your nationality, purpose of visit if making e-visa application at the official website of the government of Vietnam :

The normal processing time of the Vietnam e-visa for Panamanian passport holders is 3 business days, but there are situations when it will be delayed. Nevertheless, the processing is still quicker compared to when you apply from a Vietnam embassy.