April 9, 2020

Vietnam resume visa-free policy for citizens of Denmark starting from March 15, 2022

The Covid 19 pandemic has sent shockwaves throughout the world and has affected the way people live and travel. When the virus started spreading very rapidly, countries have to close borders and stopped accepting foreign visitors. Vietnam has also done the same. Even though the country has a thriving tourism industry, the government has decided to stop accepting tourist visa applications in an effort to curb the spread of the deadly virus. Not only that, they have also suspended the visa-free entry of certain nationalities who were part of their visa waiver program.

But now that things are back to normal, Vietnam is hoping to invite tourists into the country once again. They are now accepting tourist visa applications and will grant visa-free entry to foreigners who were part of the visa waiver program, such as the citizens of Denmark. Here’s everything you need to know about the visa waiver program of Vietnam.

👉 Requirements for International Tourists to Enter Vietnam Starting March 15, 2022

The Vietnam Visa Waiver Program

Vietnam’s Visa Waiver Program allows citizens of certain nationalities to enter Vietnam without the need to apply for a visa. This program was launched in an effort to invite more foreign visitors into the country and boost Vietnam’s tourism economy. The program started in January of 2015 and has so far been successful in bringing thousands of tourists into the country. In fact, the program is supposed to end last December of 2019. However, the government of Vietnam has decided to extend it for three years more, which is until December of 2022.

Under the visa waiver program, citizens of Denmark can enter Vietnam with only a passport. There’s no longer a need to apply for a visa, whether the visit is due to tourism or for business. However, the visit must only be limited to 15 days. For those who wish to stay in the country for more than 15 days, a visa must be applied in advance.

Temporary Suspension of Visa-free Entry Due to Covid 19

Due to Covid 19, Vietnam has to make an unfortunate decision of suspending visa-free entry for all foreign visitors who were eligible for the visa waiver program. That includes the citizens of Denmark. The decision was made after a recommendation from the country’s national steering committee on Covid 19 prevention and control. Most of the coronavirus cases in the country have been found to be due to International transmissions. By preventing the entry of foreign visitors, Vietnam was able to contain the spread of the deadly virus.

The suspension was only temporary. Right now, Vietnam is once again open to accepting foreign visitors into the country. So if you are from Denmark and you wish to go to Vietnam on a holiday soon, now is the time to book your ticket.

Vietnam Visa-free Entry Requirements for Citizens of Denmark

Although you no longer need to apply for a visa to enter Vietnam, there are certain requirements you need to comply for the visa-free entry. Danish citizens can take advantage of the visa-free entry for both tourism and business purposes. Here are the requirements needed:

  • Valid passport – you must have your passport with you and it should remain valid for at least 6 months from your date of entry in Vietnam. It should also have two extra pages for the visa stamp.
  • Proof of onward travel – since you’re only allowed to stay for 15 days, you should be able to provide proof that you’ll be out of the country before the 15-day period ends. Therefore, you are required to present a return ticket or an onward ticket to other countries. The travel date should be within the 15-day period.

Applying for a Vietnam Visa for Citizens of Denmark

For Danish citizens who wish to stay in Vietnam for more than 15 days, your best bet is to apply for a visa. It should be easy to apply for a visa to Vietnam these days. In fact, you no longer need to go to a Vietnam embassy to get your visa. You can choose to apply the electronic visa, also known as the e-visa. This visa will let you stay in the country for a maximum of 30 days. All you need to do is to fill out the visa application form online. Then pay for the processing fee and submit your application. In only a few days, you’ll get an email that has your visa.

If you wish to stay for longer than 30 days, then go for the visa on arrival. This visa will let you choose between a 30-day and 90-day stay in Vietnam. And although it can only be claimed upon arrival, you are required to register for this visa in advance. Once approved, you’ll get a pre-approval letter and that’s what you will show to the airport to be given a visa sticker.


The Covid 19 pandemic has greatly affected the lives of many. It was around the middle of March 2020 when the World Health Organization has declared the coronavirus a worldwide pandemic.