March 13, 2020
Visa On Arrival

Vietnam Visa on Arrival via Long Thanh City Airport

Foreign visitors to Ho Chi Minh City will soon be flying to Long Thanh City because this is where the new airport is located. The Long Thanh International Airport is still under construction, but once it starts operating, most visitors who are going to Ho Chi Minh will have to use this airport. It’s about 40 km. away from Ho Chi Minh and is set to become the second main airport in the city.

When it comes to your visa, you’d be glad to know that the Long Thanh City Airport will be accepting the Visa on Arrival. So if you’re eligible for this visa, here’s everything you need to know.

All About Long Thanh City Airport

Long Thanh International Airport is set to become Ho Chi Minh’s second major airport. The airport is located outside of the city, about 40 km. away from the city center. This airport was built in order to accommodate the increasing number of tourists that visit the city. In fact, during the first six months of 2019, Ho Chi Minh has welcomed over 17 million visitors. This is the reason why the city’s main airport, Tan Son Nhat International Airport, is often very crowded. The Vietnam government decided to build this new airport in order to address the overcrowding at the only airport in Ho Chi Minh.

The new airport will have four runways and is expected to handle more than a hundred million passengers. If you are flying to Ho Chi Minh next year, it’s worth considering flying into this airport. You can be sure that you’ll receive excellent service as the other International airports in Vietnam.

What Is the Vietnam Visa on Arrival?

The Visa on Arrival is a travel document that will authorize foreign visitors to enter Vietnam. This visa will let you choose from single entry or multiple-entry options. Plus, you get to choose the number of days as well, whether it’s 30 days or 60 days.

And although you can only get the visa when you arrive in Long Thanh City airport, you are required to apply for a pre-approval letter in advance before you can get this visa. To do this, simply look for a reputable agency online. Fill out the application form on their website and provide your complete details, such as name, nationality, and a few details about your trip.

Once approved, your pre-approval letter will be sent to you through email. This is what you will print to present to the Visa counter at Long Thanh City Airport. You will then be given the sticker visa that will be attached to your passport.

Here’s how to apply for your Visa on Arrival via Long Thanh City Airport

  1. First, look for a trusted agency that can process the visa on your behalf. Then fill out the application form on their website. Ensure that the details are correct before you proceed to the next page. Make a payment and submit the application form.
  2. After you send in the form, the agency will send this to Vietnam’s Immigration Dept. so they can then process your visa. When it’s approved, you will receive a copy of the pre-approval letter. A blank application form will also be sent together with the letter. You will need to print the form and fill it out. Bring these forms on your trip to Vietnam.
  3. When you arrive at Long Thanh City Airport, proceed to the visa counter. Give your passport, pre-approval letter, and the application form, which you fill out. You will be asked to sit on one side as they process your visa.
  4. When your visa is already available, you will be called to get it back. You will also be asked to pay $25. This is for the stamping fee, which you can pay in cash, either US dollars or Vietnamese dong.
  5. Review the visa sticker on your passport. If the details are correct, then go to Passport Control. Show your passport and you’ll be allowed to get inside the country.

Is the Visa on Arrival Highly Recommended?

You can choose another visa for your trip to Ho Chi Minh City. Aside from the Visa on Arrival, there’s also the e-visa and the standard Vietnam visa, which you can get from the embassy. But the best part about getting the visa on arrival is that you’ll have a choice between single entry and multiple-entry. Thus, visitors who plan on staying in Vietnam for the long-term can benefit from this type of visa.

Also, the Visa on Arrival via Long Thanh City Airport will not require you to visit an embassy. You can just apply for the pre-approval letter online and collect your visa on arrival. The entire process is pretty straightforward! So yes, the Visa on Arrival option is highly recommended.


The Vietnam government is anticipating the influx of tourists to the country in the coming years. Because of this, they are building new airports to accommodate the arrival of foreign visitors.

For many years, tourists have to endure the long journey from Hanoi just to catch a glimpse of the majestic Ha Long Bay. But now that the Van Don Airport in Ha Long City has opened, visiting this UNESCO World Heritage Site is now a breeze.

Vietnam has recently opened a new airport that’s close to the Ha Long Bay, the country’s most popular tourist attraction. Before the Ha Long City Airport was built, most visitors will have to travel for four hours from Hanoi just to reach the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Phu Bai Airport is the main airport serving the city of Hue. The city is located in Vietnam’s central region and is famously known for being the seat of the Nguyen Dynasty emperors during 1800.

Before flying to Vietnam, it’s important to know ahead if a visa is required for you to enter the country. If you’re among those nationalities that need a visa, you may need to apply for a visa on arrival.

Vietnam is one of the Southeast Asian countries, which is famous for its attractive sights and nature. Many people around the world travel here to visit the beautiful places and natural sceneries it has.

Do you want a hassle-free way of passing through the airports of Vietnam? Then you should take advantage of the Vietnam airport meet and greet services. For a minimal fee, you’ll be treated like a VIP when you arrive or depart the airport.

Why do we need a visa? If you travel abroad, passport and visa are equally important. As a matter of fact, the visa is written permission by the authorities of a foreign country.

Whether you are a foodie, a beach hopper or an adventure seeker, Vietnam has something in store for everyone. It is a beautiful country with almost every kind of landscape and is gradually emerging as a hot travel destination.