February 5, 2020
Visa On Arrival

Vietnam visa on arrival via Phu Bai Airport

If Vietnam is not in your must-visit places list, then you have to add it. Yes, consider spending a vacation in Vietnam. In fact, you will be glad to visit this destination as it is a paradise. Vietnam is one of the most attractive and beautiful destinations in Asia. It attracts people from various countries every year. If you are planning to visit Hue City, then you have to cross Phu Bai Airport. Hue is the old capital of Vietnam with many breathtaking, beautiful landscapes and picturesque valleys. Phu Bai Airport is a small airport and not many international flights arrive. Since only a few flights are available, the airport is quite busy.

However, tourists wonder what type of visa is required to enter and exit Vietnam. Of all those methods available for obtaining Vietnam visa, Vietnam visa on arrival via Phu Bai Airport is the most viable method. Through Vietnam visa on arrival, your visa will be approved in two or three working days.

What is Vietnam visa on arrival via Phu Bai Airport and how it helps you?

Vietnam visa on arrival is the most convenient way to obtain a visa. The process is easy and you can pick the visa at the Phu Bai Airport. However, to enter Vietnam, you need to get a visa approval letter in advance. While the approval letter issued by the embassy allows you to travel to Vietnam, you can’t enter and explore the country without a visa. Yes, you can’t enter the city unless your visa stamped on the passport.

Be aware that visa on arrival is applicable for individuals who travel by air only. The visa approval letter is not valid if you travel to Vietnam by land or cruise and eligible only if you travel through any of the following international airports in Vietnam, including:-

Approval letter is a 100% legitimate process and it is issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department. In short, it is an official permission that allows you to board the plane and collect your visa upon arrival at the Phu Bai International Airport.

Why choose Visa on Arrival?


You don’t have to go through a long process to get the approval letter. You can apply for it online from your home or office. Just a few of your personal information are required to complete the application form.


Getting visa through embassy may take several days, while you can get the approval letter for visiting Vietnam within two to four working days or even faster based on your needs.


Visa on arrival is cheaper than other forms of getting a visa to enter and exit Vietnam.

Requirements for applying Vietnam visa on arrival via Phu Bai Airport

  • Your passport must be valid for at least six months validity from the date of arrival in Vietnam. If your passport is about to expire or will expire after visiting Vietnam, it is essential to renew it before the trip.
  • There should be at least 2 blank pages left on your passport
  • You should not have violated Vietnam immigration laws and not on Interpol’s wanted list

 How to apply for visa on arrival?

  • Fill out the application form online by giving your personal information such as name, DOB, passport number, date of arrival and departure, and nationality. Ensure the details you have given match the information available in your passport.
  • Pay visa processing fee of $25 with your credit or debit card and submit the application
  • Once you submit the application, you will receive a reference number. Save it as it required for future communications and check the status of your application.
  • You will receive the approval letter in your email. Take a printout and bring it with you.
  • Upon arrival, submit the approval letter, passport, 2 passport size photographs, and processing fee of $50 to the immigration officer to get the visa stamped on your passport.

Prepare all the documents before you board the plane, including your passport, stamping fee cash, and approval letter. Ensure to check for errors in the approval letter once you print a copy of it. The Vietnamese visa application form should be filled and signed with a photo in advance.

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Phu Bai is the name of the airport in Hue city, Vietnam. If you want to visit Hue Vietnam, then you have to cross it via Phu Bai Airport.

Have you visited Vietnam? If no is your answer, make Vietnam your next travel destination, and we strongly believe you will love your decision. Vietnam is so beautiful with its picturesque landscape and beaches.