May 18, 2020
Visa tips

Visa extended automatically for visitors stranded in Vietnam due to Covid 19

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Visitors who have entered Vietnam from 01 Mar 2020 will be granted visa extension automatically

According to official news from the Immigration Department of Vietnam, visitors who have entered Vietnam under visa exemption program, entered Vietnam with an e-visa or entered Vietnam with a tourist visa from 01 Mar 2020, will be granted visa extension automatically to 30 June 2020, those visitors can exit Vietnam without to follow procedure to get your visa extended.

How about visitors who have entered Vietnam before 01 Mar 2020?

Visitors who have entered Vietnam before 01 Mar 2020, if you wishing for visa extension automatically to 30 June 2010 as mentioned above, then you must prove that you are stranded in Vietnam due to COVID 19 and get confirmation letter from your embassy or consulate (please remember to get your documents translated into Vietnamese)

Important notes

In order to get your visa extension automatically, please make sure you don’t have any bad record during your staying in Vietnam and must have following documents:

  • Health declaration (You can declare online here:
  • Temporary residence declaration (ask your hotel or host If you don’t know it)

For further questions, please call 0243.9387320


The e-visa of Vietnam will let you stay in the country for a maximum of 30 days. It’s a single entry.

If you need any useful information about Vietnam visa extension or renewal, please take a photo of your current visa then send to us to check following information: Type of your current visa (tourist or business | single or multiple entry | place of issuance ….) Immigration stamped to know which port you entered Vietnam.

If you’re currently stuck in Vietnam as a result of the Covid 19 travel restrictions, yet you’re worried about your visa expiring soon, then you should apply for a visa extension. When you apply for a visa extension, you are required to submit certain documents.

As a holder of a Vietnam visa, your stay in the country is only limited. Depending on the type of visa that you have, your stay could be limited only to 30 days, 60 days, etc.

Applying for a visa to Vietnam is now easy. Most foreign visitors are qualified to avail of the e-visa and visa on arrival.

Thousands of foreign tourists are now stranded in Vietnam after the government imposed several travel restrictions. The country’s Prime Minister has declared Covid 19 as a nationwide epidemic and has put the country on lockdown.

Getting a visa to Vietnam these days is so easy. Aside from offering free visa entry to certain nationalities under the visa waiver program, Vietnam also offers an electronic visa and visa on arrival to most foreign visitors.