February 21, 2020
Airport Fast Track

Who Should Use the VIP Fast Track Service through Hanoi Airport

So you’re traveling to Hanoi soon and you’re contemplating using the VIP Fast Track Service through Hanoi Airport. Is it really worth it?

First of all, you should know that the Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi is one of the busiest airports in Vietnam. Because of this, a lot of foreign visitors would often encounter difficulties. They have to deal with the long queue at security checks and in the Immigration, which could take a really long time. It is for this reason why the VIP Fast Track Service was established. You might have to pay a certain fee, but it is really worth it!

All About Noi Bai International Airport

As the biggest airport in Vietnam, the Noi Bai Airport is also the busiest in the county. It serves thousands of visitors every single day. Last year, the airport has handled more than 28 million passengers! This does not come as a surprise because Noi Bai Airport is the gateway to the country’s capital city. What’s more, those who wanted to visit Halong Bay, the country’s most famous tourist attraction, would usually fly to this airport.

A lot of those passengers that arrive in Noi Bai Airport needed assistance at the Immigration for their visa. And if you arrived at the same time as them, you could get stuck at the airport’s visa counter. But you can avoid all these hassles if you will use the VIP fast track service through Hanoi Airport.

What’s a VIP Fast Track Service?

The VIP Fast Track Service will make you feel like a VIP when passing at Hanoi Airport. That’s because an agent will be there to personally welcome you as you get off from your flight. From the aircraft gate, the agent will escort you towards the immigration counter for your visa. You’ll be passing at the fast track lane and this means you won’t be queuing along with other passengers.

At the visa counter, you’ll be waiting comfortably while your visa is being processed. You won’t be queuing along with others. Simply give the agent your visa requirements, including the pre-approval letter, which you need to apply in advance.

The aim of the VIP Fast Track Service is to speed up your experience at the Hanoi Airport. Instead of getting stuck at the airport for hours, you’ll be able to get out in only a few minutes! Plus, you’ll enjoy comfort and convenience, which is probably what you need after traveling for a long time.

Who Should Use the VIP Fast Track Service Through Hanoi Airport?

The VIP Fast Track Service Through Hanoi Airport is recommended to anyone who needs assistance with the airport formalities. But here are the people who needed the service the most:

  • A disabled person or those with limited mobility
  • Entrepreneurs who need to attend to important business meetings
  • Elderly traveling alone
  • Pregnant
  • Parents traveling alone with small kids and strollers
  • Visiting Vietnam for the first time

How to Apply for the VIP Fast Track Service at Hanoi Airport?

If you wanted to avail of the VIP Fast Track Service on your trip to Hanoi, you just need to request for it online. There are also lots of agencies that can assist you with this. You’ll be required to fill out an online form and be asked to provide details about your flight. Make sure you fill out the form completely.

If you also need assistance with Visa on Arrival Fast Track Service, you’ll be required to request a pre-approval letter. The letter is what you’ll give to the Visa Counter in order for your visa to be processed. Once you receive the letter through your email, just print it out and bring it with you on your trip.

When you arrive in Hanoi, look for the agent holding a welcome banner with your name. Approach the agent and follow him or her towards the visa counter. Take note that you’ll be passing through fast track lane so you can avoid the long queues along the way. At the visa counter, you’ll be treated a priority so your visa will be processed ahead of others.

After your visa is processed, the agent will be back with your passport. Your passport will already have the visa sticker and this is what you will show at the passport control to be allowed entry to Vietnam.

Is It Worth Paying the VIP Fast Track Service?

Indeed, the VIP Fast Track Service through Hanoi Airport is worth it. For only a minimal fee, you’ll be treated like a VIP. From the arrival to the processing of your visa, until such time that you claim your luggage, someone will be there to escort you. With a busy airport like Hanoi, the VIP Fast Track Service is definitely a big help!


Vietnam is one of the countries of southeast said that is famous for its beautiful picturesque sceneries. Also, it is known for the spots it has that sparks an adrenaline rush within the tourist.

Most foreign visitors who are visiting Vietnam will most likely enter in Hanoi, the country’s capital city. It’s the best way to start your holiday in Vietnam since the city itself is home to various historical attractions.

Are you traveling to Hanoi soon? If so, then you might be interested to learn about the Hanoi City Airport Meet and Greet services. With this service, you’ll be passing like a VIP at the airport of Hanoi, also known as the Noi Bai International Airport.

Vietnam is full of natural abundance and is, therefore, the place to have a thriving business scene. True to the notion, this country experiences the footfall of hundreds of tourists and businessmen in their works or pleasure targets, where the number can reach up to 15.

Vietnam is a breathtaking nation that witnesses an influx of tourists almost throughout the year. Especially, if you have a visa and landed on the Hanoi airport to get an entry to Vietnam, then, you will get to many tourists overcrowding the long queues inside there.

Vietnam has recently made its way up the tourism ladder. With its bustling cities and Buddhist Pagodas, Vietnam has become one of the popular tourist hubs in Southeast Asia.

Vietnam is one of the busiest countries with many tourists every year. It contains many tourist spots that make your trip the most memorable one.

Vietnam is rich in culture, natural beauty, and also has a thriving business scene. The number of tourists and persons visiting for trading purposes is extensive.

Vietnam is a mesmerizing nation that welcomes numerous tourists every year. But, not many people are aware of the Hanoi Airport Meet and Assist service once he/she arrives at the Hanoi airport with the visa.