January 29, 2020
Vietnam Landing Visa

Why Apply for a Vietnam Landing Visa in Nha Trang City Airport ?

Vietnam is one of the countries that has been witnessing more travellers coming in for both tourism and business purposes. As a foreign citizen, you should definitely know that a Vietnam visa is required to enter the country. While the conventional method of applying for Vietnam visa is through an embassy, it’d cost you too much time and money. This is when a revolutionary program called Visa on Arrival came to form. With this facility, an applicant can obtain a Vietnam landing visa by applying online. Want to know more? Keep on reading:

Getting a Vietnam Landing Visa (Also called Visa on Arrival):

The process of applying for a Vietnam visa through embassies can be frustrating. However, you can put those worries away as you can rely upon the Visa on Arrival service. Visa on Arrival is an online service provided by visa agencies, with which you can get your visa while arriving at the destination airport in Nha Trang City. As the entire process is done online, you don’t have to visit an embassy for the same. This, as a result, saves you so much of your time and money.

Why Apply for a Vietnam Landing Visa in Nha Trang City Airport ?

Let’s have a look at some of the key facts of applying through an embassy first:

  • You’d have to visit a Vietnamese embassy office in your country. If it’s far from your place, you have to travel a few hours to reach the office.
  • When you are at the embassy office, you would probably be in queue waiting for your turn
  • You may have to submit your original passport along with the application form. This is highly risky.
  • The fees associated with the application will vary depending on the embassy. There are different charges applicable including arrangement fee, processing fee, and more. This makes it hard to estimate how much you may be paying overall for your visa application.
  • The processing period of getting your application approved would be around 5 working days.
  • You would be visiting the embassy office again to collect your visa.

From the points mentioned above, you should understand by now that applying through embassies is not just expensive, but highly inconvenient as well. On the bright side, Visa on Arrival service eliminates these hassles. Applying for a Vietnam landing visa is safe, secure, and cost effective too.

Benefits of Vietnam Landing Visa in Nha Trang City Airport :

  • Applying for a Vietnam landing visa is done completely online with the help of a reliable visa agency. Therefore, you can apply anytime, anywhere at your own convenience, and complete the procedure in minutes
  • No more visiting embassies, and no more waiting in queue
  • The processing time of visa approval is much faster than embassies
  • You don’t have to submit your original passport during the application
  • The overall cost of Vietnam landing visa is relatively inexpensive. All you need to pay is the service fee and stamping fee, both of which will be clearly specified on the agent’s website during application. No hidden charges involved.
  • Your application is backed by the assistance of expert visa agents who will deal with the immigration on behalf of you.
  • You can collect your visa when you arrive at the airport in Nha Trang City.

7 Step Procedure to Apply for a Vietnam Landing Visa in Nha Trang City Airport :

  1. Visit the website of a reliable agency offering Visa on Arrival service
  2. Go to the visa application page. Choose a type of visa, and fill the application form with the required details. Make sure to choose Cam Ranh International Airport as the port of arrival, if you are visiting Nha Trang City.
  3. You should now pay the service fee specified by the agency to successfully submit the application
  4. The immigration will review your application and send you a visa approval letter via email in a day or two.
  5. While leaving for Vietnam, make sure you have a printed copy of the said approval letter
  6. When you arrive at the airport in Nha Trang City, present the approval letter at the landing visa desk
  7. Pay the stamping fee in cash and collect your visa.

4 Points to Remember:

  1. Only applicants travelling by air are eligible for a landing visa
  2. Nigerian citizens are not eligible for the Visa on Arrival service. They should be applying at the embassy, instead.
  3. The passport should have at least 6 months validity (from the date of arrival in Vietnam), and at least two blank pages in it.
  4. UN passport holders, and travellers with official, diplomatic, and service passport should apply through an embassy.

Get Your Visa Fast with Express Service:

One of the perks of applying for a landing visa is the lesser time required for processing applications. Even though the standard service requires only a day or two to get your application approved, you may also opt for express service for faster processing. One of the leading visa agencies, vietnamvisa.cheap provides express processing service for an additional fee listed below:

  • 8 hours – $15
  • 4 hours – $25
  • 2 hours – $80
  • During weekends and public holidays – $200 to $220

Get in touch with the experts if you have any questions about applying for a Vietnam landing visa today.


Vietnam is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It has many spots to explore.

One of the best places in Vietnam is Nha Trang city. With its breathtaking views, beautiful mountains, and the stunning backdrop of white sandy beaches and islands, Nha Trang allures many backpackers and tourists alike.

If you are arriving in Vietnam via Nha Trang airport, then you have to be aware of the traffic you may receive at the airport. It is because it is a widely utilized Vietnam airport.

Vietnam, is a country that homes many attractive places, attracts a vast number of tourists every year. You can choose Vietnam for a vacation to have a joyous trip with friends and family.

Vietnam is one of the countries that is gaining a lot of fame because of its beautiful landscape. Many travelers come to Vietnam to have a thrill-seeking and adventurous trip of their lives.

Vietnam is one of the countries that is home to many attractive places that almost every year many tourists come here. They come to this country to have a joyous trip with family and friends.

Nha Trang Airport is one of the major airports in Vietnam. Airport meet and assist service is quite popular amongst Travellers for the convenience it offers.