February 23, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

Wish for a hassle-free journey with Vietnam e-visa for Micronesia? Take a look here

By looking at the continuous increase in the tourism sector in Vietnam wherein a lot is contributed by the citizens of Micronesia, the Government of Vietnam has come up with an e-visa process. The name of this visa is e-visa or an electronic visa. The Vietnam e-visa for Micronesia is among those nationalities that require a visa to enter the country. Without the visa, they are not allowed to enter Vietnam. The e-visa allows the people of this country to visit and stay in Vietnam for 30 days. With the emergence of Vietnam’s e-visa, the Micronesians who are looking to spend their vacation in Vietnam can do it without any hassles now.

When compared to the traditional approach of getting the visa, e-visa is considered to be much better. It is convenient as well as faster and is done online. With this, there is no need to visit Vietnam’s embassy anymore. Only the two important things that a person must have are uninhibited internet connection and a device. As the visa process is through an online mode, so there is no need to visit any place to get your visa. You will receive the entire information regarding the e-visa on your email ID.

Why select Vietnam e-visa for Micronesia when visiting Vietnam?

There a lot of reasons because of which you would love to select Vietnam e-visa for Micronesiarather than any other visa process. Let’s steal a quick glance of these points.

  1. The procedure that one needs to follow for an e-visa is much easier, as well as convenient when compared to any other visa process.
  2. While a person can still get a visa from the Embassy, the Vietnam e-visa for Micronesia process is simple and less time-consuming.
  3. The need for visiting the Embassy to submit the details regarding e-visa is eliminated as you need to upload it online.
  4. There is no need to stand in the counter and wait for your turn as you will apply, as well as receive the visa online.

Features of Vietnam’s e-visa

To understand the Vietnam e-visa for Micronesia, consider the features that are discussed below.

  • It is a single entry visa.
  • It allows you to stay in Vietnam for a month and not more than that.
  • The processing time of the Vietnam e-visa is 3 to 5 days.
  • The e-visa will be received online
  • The processing fee that one needs to submit for Vietnam’s e-visa is through an online mode.

When a person can use Vietnam’s e-visa?

Did you know that the entire process of Vietnam’s e-visa is done online? Because of the online process, most of them love to opt for this method. You will also receive your e-visa online. You can apply for e-visa from anywhere and now let’s take a look at where can you use the Vietnam e-visa for Micronesia.

1. For transiting at Vietnam’s airport

If you have a short layover in Vietnam, then you need to have the visa of that country. For that, you can apply for the Vietnam e-visa for Micronesia and explore the nation till you board your next flight.

2. For tourism purpose

Are you going to Vietnam for a holiday? If yes, opt for the e-visa so that you receive your visa easily. The process is quite convenient, as well as faster.

3. For business or small entrepreneurs

Those who wish to visit the country for a business meeting or for a conference can easily do that with Vietnam e-visa for Micronesia. The e-visa allows the applicant to enter the country who wishes to visit the country for work.

How to apply for Vietnam’s e-visa?

The process that you need to follow to achieve the Vietnam e-visa is explained below.

Go to the Vietnam Immigration site and fill the application form for e-visa.

  • Upload the necessary requirements that are required to complete the process of Vietnam e-visa for Micronesia.
  • Make the payment for the processing fee and note down the number that you can see on the screen.
  • After completing the process, wait for 3 working days and check whether you have received the Vietnam e-visa or not.
  • If you do not get the e-visa then send an email asking about the status of your e-visa.

Start applying!

As now that you know what all is required to apply for the e-visa and how to do it, you can opt for the Vietnam e-visa process. Without wasting much time you can complete the process and can visit the nation sans any troubles.


The Government of Vietnam has made it easier for citizens of Micronesia to come to their country. Micronesians are among those foreign nationalities that require a visa to enter Vietnam.