May 25, 2020
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Armenians Are Eligible For Vietnam E-visa

The Vietnam e-Visa was first offered by the Immigration Department of Vietnam in February of 2017. This will allow foreign visitors to stay in the country for a maximum of 30 days. It’s a single-entry visa, which means you’re only allowed to enter the country once using this visa. There’s an option to extend the visa validity but this must be done while you’re in Vietnam through the help of some agencies and organizations that will be willing to sponsor your stay in the country.

This visa is available to citizens of more than 80 countries and that includes Armenia. Country list for Vietnam e-visa.

Of all the different types of Vietnam visas, the e-Visa is the easiest to acquire. You can just go online and fill out the form in only a few minutes. After about three business days, you’ll receive an email for the visa. There’s no need to go to an embassy to submit the requirements or claim the visa. It’s fast, easy, convenient, and cheap.


The processing fee of the Vietnam e-visa for Armenian will vary greatly but it generally starts at $40. But this will depend on the processing time that you would prefer.

If you’re now ready to apply for your Vietnam e-visa, you might want to know what are the requirements you need to prepare. Here are the requirements: Armenian Passport – as with any visa, the passport is the most important requirement for your Vietnam e-visa application.

The application process for Vietnam e-visa for Armenian Passport Holders is simple and quick. Just make sure you enter the correct details in the form.

Keep all the documents ready near your hands when you fill-up the form. To apply for the Vietnam e-visa for Armenian, all you have to do is go to the official website of the Vietnam Government and fill up a simple form that takes only a few minutes.

Are you looking for location of Vietnam embassy in Armenia 🇦🇲? Unfortunately, there has been no Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Consulate located in Armenia until this moment. Please contact to the Vietnam Embassies/Consulates in other countries.

There is NO embassy or consulate of Vietnam representing in Armenia 🇦🇲. Options for citizens of Armenia getting a visa for Vietnam: Apply online for electronic visa or Vietnam e-visa (30 days, single entry).

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Are you from Armenia and looking for information about Vietnam Visa? Well, you’ve come to the right place! On this article, we’ll talk about the Vietnam e-Visa, the latest type of visa that the Vietnam Immigration is offering. This visa is available to citizens of more than 80 countries and that includes Armenia.