May 3, 2021

Chu Lai Int’l Airport Pick Up and Transfer to Hoi An City

Hoi An is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, most tourists who come to Hoi An would fly through Da Nang Airport. But there’s another airport that is much closer to Hoi An, the Chu Lai International Airport. In fact, foreign visitors flying into Hoi An during this time of the pandemic will have to arrive at the Chu Lai airport.

One of the requirements that foreign travelers to Vietnam should fulfill is a hotel booking for their quarantine. All foreigners entering Vietnam these days will be required by the Vietnamese authorities to undergo quarantine. This is to ensure that they will not be carrying the virus and infect other people. Aside from the hotel booking, foreign travelers are also required to hire a private vehicle for airport pick up since they won’t be allowed to use the taxi or other public transportation when going to their quarantine facility.

Thankfully, there are now plenty of options for airport transfer service in Hoi An. What’s more, you can book them online ahead of your trip, which is very convenient.

Benefits of Hiring Airport Pick Up and Transfer Service in Chu Lai Airport

The city of Hoi An is about 78 km. away from Chu Lai International Airport and the travel time will take 1 hour and 33 minutes. That is a long time to travel, so it’s important that you hire a vehicle that will make you feel comfortable and safe during the entire journey. Here are the benefits that you can enjoy if you will hire the airport pick up and transfer service in Chu Lai Airport:

👉 Safety

The car that will pick you up from the airport is driven by a professional, well-trained, and experienced driver. Furthermore, the vehicle that will be used is insured and is safe for long travel. This is very important especially if you are traveling to Vietnam for the first time.

👉 Local and English-Speaking Drivers

All the drivers are locals of How An and are familiar with the area. They speak good English so feel free to ask them any questions. Since they live in the area, they know the fastest and most efficient route to quickly and safely get you to your hotel or resort. If you will hire the Chu Lai Airport Pick Up and Transfer Service, you will not have to deal with the anxiety and stress of traveling to Hoi An during this time of the pandemic.

👉 Fixed-Rate

You might think that the Chu Lai Airport Pick Up and Transfer Service is expensive, but it’s actually much cheaper than using the airport transfer service of the hotel. If you will hire this service, you will be charged a fixed rate, which you will pay in advance. You will not be charged any extra fees, such as parking fees, fuel, etc. Whatever rate is displayed online, it will be the same amount that you will pay. If you are happy with the service, feel free to give tip to the driver.

👉 Reliability

You can rest assured that the Chu Lai Airport Pick Up and Transfer Service is a company that you can rely on. The driver will arrive earlier than your scheduled arrival. It can be frustrating for any traveler to have to wait longer at the airport after coming from a tiring flight. The drivers are very professional and will keep track of your flights and monitor any delays. If necessary, they will be willing to accordingly adjust the time of pick-up and drop-off.

How to Book the Airport Pick Up and Transfer Service in Chu Lai Airport

If you have plans to fly to Hoi An via the Chu Lai International Airport, you should book the airport pickup and transfer service as early as possible. All foreign travelers that go to Vietnam these days would need to have their own pick-up service and they cannot join other passengers in a car for safety. Therefore, the service is in high demand these days, so the earlier you book, the better.

To book the service, you just go online and visit their website. Click on the link to book the Airport Pick Up and Transfer Service in Chu Lai Airport and fill out the form with your details. Provide your name, flight number, and other important details about your trip. If you do not have your flight details yet, you can give this to them at a later time. After you fill out the form, make a payment with your card, then submit it. Wait for a confirmation that they have received your booking. On your day of arrival, you can expect the driver to be waiting for you at the airport and will drive you to your hotel where you can start your quarantine.


If you are planning to visit Hoi An soon, then you will most likely be flying into Chu Lai International Airport. This airport is located in Vietnam’s Quang Ngai Province and is less than two hours’ drive away to Hoi An.

Foreigners who plan to visit Vietnam nowadays are required to have a visa, regardless of the country they came from. If you are planning to visit Hoi An and you’re flying into Chu Lai Int’l Airport, you can apply for the Vietnam landing visa.

One of the most important requirements that you need to have when traveling to Vietnam is a visa. Some travelers may be eligible for a visa-free entry, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Vietnamese authorities have currently suspended this.

When applying for a visa to Vietnam, you will have two options to choose from, the Vietnam Visa on Arrival and the E-visa. As the name suggests, the Visa on Arrival is a type of visa that you will get when you arrive.

If you’re heading to Vietnam soon, you can enter via the Chu Lai International Airport, especially if you plan on visiting the city of Hoi An. This airport is about 78 km.

Chu Lai International Airport is an airport located in the Quảng Ngãi Province of Vietnam. This is one of the airports that the Vietnam government has recently reopened to allow the entry of foreign visitors during this Covid-19 pandemic.

The Vietnamese government is now allowing the entry of foreigners to Hoi An, but only those who can show proof of vaccination. Aside from the vaccination certificate, all foreign visitors are also required to apply for a visa.