February 18, 2020
Vietnam e-visa Visa On Arrival

Do Chinese Citizens need a Visa for Vietnam?

Looking for a short vacation trip free from China? Then Vietnam is one of the best destinations to consider. Vietnam has a lot to of fantastic views to offer; this is why more Chinese are traveling to visit this admirable country. If you are a Chinese national, who is looking to take a trip to Vietnam, you have a lot of scenic attractions, Buddhist pagodas, traditional cuisines and a fantastic culture to experience in the country. No matter what the purpose of visit exists, as a Chinese citizen, you are required to get a visa before entering Vietnam.

To summarize, in this article, we have detailed on the main rules and regulations, to provide you with guideline to the application process.

How can a Chinese Get a Vietnam Visa?

There are three ways to get a Vietnamese visa – (i) Applying through the Vietnam embassy (ii) Applying online for a visa on arrival and (iii) Vietnam e-visa for Chinese. By the way, in any of these cases, the passport must remain valid at least for a period of six months after the entry into Vietnam.

(i) Applying through the Vietnam embassy

For this procedure, you will have to carry your passport and two passport sized photos with white background. Along with this, you must also take the stamping fee to the closest consulate. Usually people will receive their visa in seven working days.

Required documents for this process –

  • The original passport
  • Printed and filled in copy of the visa application form
  • Photographs with white background
  • Conversely, if you are applying for a business visa, you must carry the invitation letter along.

(ii) Applying online for a visa on arrival

This is one of the best ways to apply for the Vietnam visa for Chinese process, for the Chinese passengers who travel by air, as it is quick and easy. This visa on arrival method is one great way to escape from the formalities of waiting in queue at the embassy.   Generally, you just have to fill out the online application to receive an approval letter. Usually, the officials will email the approval letter within two business days.

Procedure of Visa on approval process

  • Fill out the application form online, and proceed to make the service fee payment online for the Vietnam Visa for Chinese process.
  • Receive the visa approval letter by email
  • Get the visa stamped upon arrival at the Vietnam airport
  • Pay for stamping fee there.

Upon arriving at the airport

You can enter any one of these following international airports in Vietnam

  • Da Nang International Airport
  • Noi Bai International Airport
  • Tan Son Nhat International Airport
  • Cam Ranh International Airport
  • Lien Khuong International Airport
  • Phu Quoc International Airport
  • Cat Bi International Airport

You simply have to produce your passport and the approval letter to immigrations officers for verification, after you reach at the Vietnam airport. They will stamp your passport and give you the travel visa.

Visa on Arrival Fee at Vietnam for Chinese citizens

The Vietnam visa fees may vary depending on the type of visa chosen by the traveler to obtain the visa.  It basically includes the following –

  • Usually, the fees for visa on arrival involving 2 kinds of fee : service fee for getting the visa approval letter from the agency | stamp fee pay for the government fee on arrival.
  • US$25 for the single entry visa fees on arrival Or US$50 for a multiple entry visa is required to pay on arrival when pick up the visa. Fee for getting the visa approval letter from $6.

(iii) Vietnam e-Visa for Chinese

In case, you are looking to get your visa soon, you can make use of the Vietnam e-visa for Chinese Service. This service helps the Chinese passengers to get a faster approval on the visa. In this method, you must apply online through a reliable website of a visa processing agency. Wherefore, the Vietnam Immigration Department will issue you with an approval letter, through email. You must then take a print of this Vietnam e-visa for Chinese and produce at the airport on arrival. But, the Vietnam e-visa is usually a single entry Visa, which is valid only for 30 days.

How Long Can a Chinese Citizen Stay in Vietnam?

Any Chinese national intending to visit Vietnam on a tourist visa will be allowed to stay in the country for up to 30 days with an e-visa.  Whereas, the visitors who are visiting multiple times, can make use of the visa on arrival to stay in the country for  up to 6 months.

As a part of the visa requirements, the Chinese national is expected to submit the details of travel plan. Along with this, he must include the date and duration of the visit on the application form. Moreover, the applicant must also enter the address of the accommodation on the form. The entire visa processing usually takes about three business days. However, the processing time may differ based of various factors. Always submit the application form at least 7 Days ahead of the travel for a smooth visa processing.

Hopefully this article helps you understand the procedure and the different ways in which you could apply for the Vietnam visa for Chinese process.  However, it is highly recommended to get the help of an authorized visa agency that offers you with the best support. Moreover, ensure that they offer a 100% refund if your visa application is rejected. Do you need help with your visa application process? Get in touch with the experts today!


Vietnam is a South East Asian country which receives a lot of tourists from China. The country is known to be in the top position for having Chinese tourists throughout the year.

The number of people travelling to Vietnam is increasing day-by-day as it has more tourist spots to visit. Getting Vietnam e-visa from China is now easy; so many Chinese prefer Vietnam for their vacation.

The number of Chinese nationals that visit Vietnam for a holiday each year continues to increase. In fact, Vietnam has welcomed more than four million Chinese visitors last year.

If you are planning to visit Vietnam in near future, you are in for a soulful treat. The tranquility that this land has to offer will make you fall in love with this country.

Chinese citizens are among the top foreign visitors to Vietnam. In fact, there are said to be 4 million Chinese nationals who came to the country last year.