April 3, 2020
Visa On Arrival

Do I Need Visa To Vietnam? A Guide for Equatorial Guinea Citizens

Vietnam has become a popular tourist destination. Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country that was left unexplored for decades. However, with more people heading over, the country has gained more attention. In fact, the country deserves to be explored. Yes, from green paddy fields and golden sand beaches to world war tunnel and French colonial history engraved in buildings, every view in the country is overwhelming. Vietnamese still preserve most of their natural beauty, which is one of the major reasons why it attracts people from all over the world.

So, if you are an Equatorial Guinea Citizen who wanted to plan a vacation, look no further than Vietnam. However, when it comes to an international trip, one of the major things you need to be concerned is visa.

Do Equatorial Guinea Citizens Need cheap Vietnam visa?

Yes! Since you are not on the visa exemption list, you are required to obtain a valid business or tourist visa to enter Vietnam. For some, getting a visa may seem to me overwhelming due to its long process. Unlike other countries, you need to get a visa in prior for Vietnam. In fact, applying for visa before you travel to the country is essential to make sure that your journey would be stress-free.

Be it a business trip or tourism, problems may arise if you are not prepared. With visas, you need to encounter many issues which could hinder the visa process or visa application may be denied. But, don’t fret. Here is your guide to how to get cheapest Vietnam visa.

How to Apply for Vietnam Visa for Equatorial Guinean Citizens?

Actually, there are three ways to get a visa to enter Vietnam such as visa through the embassy, visa on arrival, and e-visa. Unfortunately, Equatorial Guinean Citizens are not eligible for e-visa. Yes, the Vietnam government has made electronic visa available for only 81 countries and you are not in that list. Apparently, you have got only two options, including visa at the embassy and visa on arrival to get a valid Vietnam visa. Let’s take a closer look at these two options:-

Country list for Vietnam e-visa

Visa at the embassy

If you are planning to enter Vietnam by land or seaport, this is the only option you have got. Yes, it is the traditional method of obtaining Vietnam visa. Unfortunately, there is no embassy or consulates in Equatorial Guinean. So, you have to travel from your place to the nearby place that has Vietnam embassy or consulate to apply for visa. Here is a list of nearby embassies/consulates which you could travel from Equatorial Guinea:-

Vietnam embassy in Abuja, Nigeria

  • Address: 9 River Niger Street, Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria
  • Phone: +234 8137 0867 24

Vietnam embassy in Luanda, Angola

  • Address: Via AL4, Lotes No. 4-5, Talatona-Luanda Sul, Luanda, ANGOLA
  • Phone: (+244) 222.010697

To get a visa, you could personally visit the embassy and apply for visa or send the application form along with the documents such as, original passport, filled and signed application form, passport size photograph, envelope, and visa processing fee. Ensure to fill the right details in the application form such as your name, passport number, age, and nationality, the date of arrival and departures, and entry port. It may take anywhere from five to seven business days to receive your visa. Once you receive, take the visa with you.

Photo Guide

Visa on Arrival

This is the most convenient method to obtain Vietnam visa for Equatorial Guinean Citizens. Visa on arrival involves two processes, getting visa approval letter prior to travel and picking the visa upon arrival. However, the approval letter is valid for only travellers who fly. Here is a list of international airports that accepts approval letter and allow picking the visa upon arrival:-

How to apply for visa on arrival?

  • Fill out the secure online application form with your personal details, including your full name, date of birth, passport number, and the date of arrival and departure, nationality, and entry ports.
  • Once you fill the application, pay the visa processing fee with your debit or credit card or PayPal account.
  • You will receive a reference number upon application submission.
  • Within two to three business days, you will receive the approval letter.
  • Get a printout copy and take it with you.
  • When you arrive at the airport, go to the immigration counter and submit the documents to get the visa stamped on your passport.

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