July 1, 2020
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Judicial Record Certificate for Foreigners Outside Of Vietnam

If the foreign individual has already left Vietnam and they are currently based abroad, yet they wanted a judicial record certificate, their best bet is to authorize another person to process and claim the certificate on their behalf. Here are the requirements that they need to submit:

  • Written declaration request for the granting of the judicial record certificate according to form.
  • Foreign applicant’s passport and visa copy.
  • Original copy of the authorization letter that authorizes another person to process the judicial record certificate. The letter must also accompany some documents proving the applicant’s relationship to the authorized representative, such as the marriage certificate and birth certificate. It must also be accompanied with Identification Cards of both the applicant and the representative.

How to Apply for the Judicial Record Certificate?

There are two ways to apply for the judicial record certificate, in-person application, and online application. For applicants who are in Vietnam, they can opt for the in-person application. Here are the steps on how to apply for the judicial record certificate in person:

  1. Bring the required documents to the Department of Justice of the Province of your residence. Make sure to go there in the morning since they are closed in the afternoon.
  2. After submitting all the documents, the applicant will be asked to make a payment for the processing fee. The cost is VND 200, 000 per criminal record. If you will choose to have it sent to you through courier, you will also have to pay for the courier fees. But if you will claim the document in person, there’s no longer a need to pay for the courier fees.
  3. It will roughly take 15 working days for the judicial record certificate to be processed. For those who have chosen to have the document sent through courier, it will take even longer for them to receive the judicial record certificate.

For foreigners who are outside Vietnam and cannot apply for the judicial certificate in person, their best option is to apply online. Once the certificate is available, they can have it sent to them through courier post. Here’s how:

  1. First, go to the official website for the online application of the judicial record certificate in Vietnam.
  2. Next, fill out the form with your name and other required information. Make sure you provide the complete address where you want the courier to collect the original documents.
  3. Submit your application and take note of the application code displayed on the screen before you click the “FINISH” button.

Just like with applying in person, it will take around 15 days for your judicial record certificate to be processed. The time it will take for the courier to send you back the judicial record certificate will depend upon the courier you have chosen and the country where you currently reside.


A judicial record certificate is a document issued by the agency in Vietnam that manages the criminal record database in Vietnam. The certificate will serve as valid proof of whether or not the person has a previous criminal conviction in Vietnam.

Foreigners, regardless of how long they actually reside in Vietnam, have every right to request from the Dept. of Justice for a judicial record certificate.

The judicial record certificate is an important requirement for various purposes in Vietnam. This document is also known as police clearance, criminal record certificate, and police check.

When a foreigner in Vietnam applies for a work permit, one of the requirements that he or she is required to submit is the judicial record certificate. This document is also required in some immigration procedures.

There are many reasons why a foreigner may need to request a judicial record certificate in Vietnam. But it usually has something to do with applying for a work permit.

Also known as the police clearance certificate, the judicial record certificate can be obtained in three different ways. You can either: Go directly to the National Center for Criminal Records or the Ministry of Justice of Vietnam to apply in person.

The judicial record certificate is legal proof of an individual’s criminal convictions in Vietnam. These are based on the criminal decisions and judgments made by the court.