June 26, 2020
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Expiry Date of the Judicial Record Certificate

As stated on Clause 4 of Article 2 of Vietnam’s Law on Criminal Record, the criminal record certificate is a document issued by local Vietnam agencies for individuals and organizations to prove whether or not a particular individual has a criminal record. But one of the questions that individuals have when it comes to applying for a judicial record certificate is when it’s going to expire. Applicants are often wondering for how long the judicial record card will remain valid from the time it is issued.

Duration on the Use of Judicial Record Certificate

The 2009 Law on Criminal Record of Vietnam as well as the current law on documents have stated that the current judicial record certificate does not have any set duration. But this will mainly depend upon the area and purpose of using the judicial record certificate.

For instance, the Articles 28, 24, and 20 of the 2008 Nationality Act have specified that for the purpose of the application, the return and stop of Vietnamese nationality, they must possess with them a copy of the judicial record certificate that was issued no more than 90 days prior to the submission date.

In addition, several Vietnamese diplomatic representative missions from various foreign countries around the world have set a shelf life for the judicial record certificate when it comes to fulfilling requirements for visa applications. For instance, the United States consulate will require the entry visas of applicants who are at least 16 years old to submit a judicial record certificate that was issued within the past year.

So basically, the expiry date of the judicial record certificate in Vietnam is not clearly specified. But it will mainly depend upon the provision of the document of each of the various fields, as well as the will of the organizations and agencies that wanted to know about their previous criminal convictions as well as the status of the litigants.


There are many reasons why a foreigner may need to request a judicial record certificate in Vietnam. But it usually has something to do with applying for a work permit.

Also known as the police clearance certificate, the judicial record certificate can be obtained in three different ways. You can either: Go directly to the National Center for Criminal Records or the Ministry of Justice of Vietnam to apply in person.

The judicial record certificate is legal proof of an individual’s criminal convictions in Vietnam. These are based on the criminal decisions and judgments made by the court.

Here’s how to obtain a judicial record certificate in Vietnam: Foreigners who have been residing in Vietnam for the past six months can request for the certificate directly from the Provincial Justice Dept. of where they reside.

When applying for the judicial record certificate in Vietnam, there are requirements that you need to submit. These include the following: Declaration form requesting for the issuance of judicial record certificate.