June 26, 2020
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Procedures in Claiming the Judicial Record Certificate

Also known as the police clearance certificate, the judicial record certificate can be obtained in three different ways. You can either:

  1. Go directly to the National Center for Criminal Records or the Ministry of Justice of Vietnam to apply in person.
  2. Apply through Postal Service.
  3. Use the online processing service.

If you are outside Vietnam and you need a copy of the judicial record certificate, you can either apply through postal service or use the online processing service.

For those who are applying for the judicial record certificate in person or through the postal service, you are required to submit the following:

  • A written application form for the issuance of the judicial record certificate signed by you. Make sure that the signature is certified.
  • A certified true copy of your passport.
  • Copy of your temporary residence card during the time that you were living in Vietnam. You also need to submit a copy of your passport and visa with entry and exit stamps.

There are many reasons why a foreigner may need to request a judicial record certificate in Vietnam. But it usually has something to do with applying for a work permit.

The judicial record certificate is legal proof of an individual’s criminal convictions in Vietnam. These are based on the criminal decisions and judgments made by the court.

Here’s how to obtain a judicial record certificate in Vietnam: Foreigners who have been residing in Vietnam for the past six months can request for the certificate directly from the Provincial Justice Dept. of where they reside.

When applying for the judicial record certificate in Vietnam, there are requirements that you need to submit. These include the following: Declaration form requesting for the issuance of judicial record certificate.