Vietnam is among those countries that have to close borders when the coronavirus started spreading fast. As a country that has a thriving tourism economy, closing its borders has been a truly difficult decision.

In order to protect the Vietnamese citizens from the deadly coronavirus, also known as Covid 19, Vietnam has to temporarily stop the issuance of tourist visas. From March 2020, the world was put to a standstill when the virus has started to spread very rapidly.

Traveling to Vietnam during this Covid-19 pandemic can be somewhat complicated due to the many restrictions and requirements. British citizens who need to go to Vietnam for important reasons should first apply for a business visa.

Do British citizens require to make visa application for Vietnam? Vietnamese government offers 15 days visa-free for British passport holders In case of staying for more than 15 days, British passport holders are required to make visa application for visiting Vietnam Options for citizens of United Kingdom getting a visa for Vietnam: Application For Visa

The applicants for the Vietnam e-visa for British citizen will have to provide a few basic documents and upload them online for applying. The scanned copies of the documents, which are needed, are as follows: Make sure that you sill the form before 7 days of your arrival into the country.

In Vietnam, a British citizen has a visa exemption period of 15 days. This means that to stay for less than the aforementioned period; they would not need a visa.

Citizens of the United Kingdom won’t need a visa if staying for fewer than 15 days. Vietnam visa waiver program Do British National Overseas (BNO) passport holders need a Visa to visit Vietnam? Yes ✅ Citizens of United Kingdom should apply for a visa if intending to stay for more than 15 days Citizens of

Do citizens of United Kingdom need a visa to visit Vietnam? At present, citizens of United Kingdom (UK) are free for 15 days of Vietnam Visa. If you plan to stay in Vietnam less than 15 days, you do not need to apply Vietnam Visa.

For UK citizens who are visiting Vietnam soon, here’s the good news – you’re qualified to avail of the Vietnam e-visa. This is a visa that you can easily obtain via the Internet.