January 18, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

Vietnam e-Visa for Citizens of The Netherlands

Are you from the Netherlands and you plan on going to Vietnam for a holiday? If so, then you better read this article to learn how you can get a visa to enter the country.

Like any other country in the world, Vietnam would require foreign visitors to submit certain documents to enter their country. Aside from passport, the Vietnam Immigration would require the citizens of the Netherlands to provide a visa upon entering the country. But the good news is that it’s now easy for Dutch citizens to apply for a visa to Vietnam.

In an effort to attract more foreign visitors to holiday in Vietnam, the Vietnam Government has launched the e-visa program. Under this program, foreign visitors from certain countries can easily apply for their visas over the Internet. There’s no longer a need for them to go to an embassy and apply for their visa personally. Thankfully, the Dutch citizens are among those nationalities that are eligible for the Vietnam e-visa.

Vietnam e-Visa for Citizens of the Netherlands

The e-visa serves as an electronic travel form that will allow you to enter Vietnam. But the good thing about this visa is that you no longer need to go to an embassy to get it. All you will do is to go online and do the application from there. When the visa is approved, you will be able to download it in the PDF version. You will then print the file and bring the printed copy to Vietnam. This is what you will show the Immigration Officer so you can enter the country and start your holiday.

When the e-visa program was first launched, it was only available to 46 countries. But because of its success, they have made it available to citizens of more than 80 countries including the Netherlands.

Country list for Vietnam e-visa

Take note that the Vietnam e-visa is a single-entry visa that will allow you to stay in the country for up to a month or 30 days. Beyond that, you need to request an extension from an agency that can re-apply for a visa on your behalf.

What Are the Requirements Needed to Apply for the Vietnam e-Visa?

Dutch Citizens who wish to apply for a Vietnam e-visa should prepare the following:

  • Passport – before you start with the application, make sure you have your passport ready since you will need to enter some details from your passport, such as the passport number and expiration date.
  • Application form – just like with applying for any type of visa, you will need to fill out an application form when applying for an e-visa to Vietnam. But the only difference is that you will have to fill out the form online and not the actual application form. Make sure you review everything that you have written before you go on to the next page.
  • A debit card or credit card – after you fill out the form, you’ll be asked to make a payment using your card. You can use a debit card or credit card for this. It’s also possible to pay using PayPal.
  • Valid email address – you will receive updates regarding your visa status through your email. Therefore, you need to have a valid email address when applying for an e-visa to Vietnam.

How Long Will the Processing of the e-Visa Take?

The processing time for your Vietnam e-visa will vary greatly. There are instances when the processing could take a long time. For instance, if it’s the peak season, you can expect that the processing will take longer since there will be thousands of tourists who will come to Vietnam.

Generally, the standard processing time will take a maximum of 3 business days. If you need the visa urgently, you can opt for the rush processing that will only take within 24 hours. There’s also the super rush processing that could take up to 8 hours. But take note that the rush processing options come with added fees.

Important Things To Know About the e-Visa

Remember that the Vietnam e-visa has a validity of only 30 days. So if your trip to Vietnam is more than a month, then you better choose a different type of visa. You can maybe go for the Visa on Arrival. For this type of visa, you’ll have to apply for a pre-approval letter online. After this, you’ll show up at the visa counter at the airport to give the letter and claim your visa. The Visa on Arrival will allow you to stay in Vietnam for a maximum of 60 days and it’s a multiple-entry visa. Therefore, you can use it to enter Vietnam several times.

It’s very important that you carry a printed copy of the e-visa on your trip to Vietnam. The Immigration Officer will ask for this and not the soft copy on your phone. Also, always carry the visa with you while in Vietnam.


When it comes to Vietnam, everyone wishes to visit this nation at least for once. If you are a resident of the Dutch Republic, then you can visit Vietnam quite easily.

Vietnam, a country located in the Asia-Pacific region is known for being the ultimate tourist destination of all time. The country is filled with beautiful, unique and captivating places.