January 16, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

Vietnam e-visa for US citizens

With pristine beaches, mountainous highlands, distinct culture, delicious cuisine, and historic sites, Vietnam tops among the fastest-growing destinations worldwide. Vietnam is a popular destination among American Backpackers. If are an American citizen planning to visit Vietnam, don’t worry due to the legacy of the war. Because, the Vietnamese are incredibly friendly and have warmth for Americans that will make you feel at home. Since American passport holders are not in the visa exemption list, you will need a valid visa to enter and exit Vietnam.

Insights on Vietnam visa policy

The Vietnam visa policy has improved a lot during the last years to boost their economic through tourism. In fact, the visa process is easier than other countries. Yes, it is as simple as that. The Vietnam government has simplified the visa process to make it easier for travelers from various parts of the world.

For most of the westerns, there are two easy options to get a visa to Vietnam. Visa on Arrival and E-visa are the two convenient options to obtain a Vietnam visa. However, each of these options has their own advantages and disadvantages. You could choose the option based on the purpose of the visit, length of stay, and mode of transport. Moreover, if you want to save time and money, E-visa might be the right choice.

Educating yourself about both the options can help you make an informed decision.

Here is what you need to know about Vietnam e-visa for US citizens

Vietnam e-visa is a simple and straightforward procedure that helps you save time and money. American citizens are eligible for applying Vietnam E-visa. The e-visa offers a single entry to Vietnam with 30 days. Hence, if you are tourist and want to explore different cities in Vietnam, E-visa could be the right choice. Besides, the e-visa helps to save time at the border.

Country list for Vietnam e-visa

How to apply for Vietnam e-visa?

Applying Vietnam e-visa for US citizens is pretty easy and the process is straightforward. All you need is an internet connection and a valid international debit and credit card. You can approach the agency or visit the Vietnam Embassy’s official website to get e-visa.

  • You have to fill the application form with personal details such as your date of birth, name, date of arrival and departure, passport number, and port you will be entering. Ensure to give the right details as the information. If there is any mismatch, the government will reject the visa.
  • Upload your recent passport size photograph and your passport on the website. Photo Guide.
  • After uploading the photo, you need to pay the processing fee of $25 for single entry visa that allows staying for 30 days with your credit or debit card or PayPal account.

Once the payment is made, you will receive a registration code. Save the code as it is required to check the status of your application.

You will receive e-visa in a couple of days in your email. You will receive the visa even before 2 days that the website indicates as the processing time for your application.

Once you receive it, print the visa and take it with you. Upon arrival, present your passport along with a copy of your e-visa and you will be granted quickly.

Remember, the e-visa is applicable for Americans who travel by air, sea, and land. List-of-port that accept for e-visa.

Note: – keep the printed copy of your e-visa to show on departure.

How to download Vietnam e-visa for US citizens?

Within 3 business days you will receive the visa. You can find your visa at this link https://evisa.xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn/tra-cuu-thi-thuc. Enter the registration code, email, and date of birth to access your application and check the status of your visa application. If 3 business days have been passed and you haven’t received the approval letter, you can find it here or email to Vietnam e-visa support.

Visa on arrival

Visa on arrival grants single and multiple entry visas with 30 to 90 days validity. The process is easier like E-visa.

However, the Visa on arrival can is applicable for only people who travel by air. Yes, the approval letter is valid only in international airports of Vietnam and not in sea and land borders.

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Vietnam is in the borders of Southeast Asia. It is famous for its Buddhist pagodas, temples, and modern active cities.

Vietnam e-visa for US citizen is an incredibly hassle-free option. Apart from its rich history, the US citizens can also experience the buzzing business and night life of the city.

It is great for us to inform that from December 15, 2016, all types of Vietnam visa will be available again for US citizens. As you know, from 01 September, 2016, just 1 type of Vietnam Visa is available for US citizens, that is 1 year multiple entries Visa.

Vietnam’s government is officially extended the validity of tourist visa for US citizens from three months to one year in a bid to attract more arrivals. The successful conclusion of the arrangement underscores the commitment of the U.

New Updated price for Visa approval letter processing applied for US citizens: • Tourist purpose (Visa type: DL): 25.00 USD/person.

Vietnam has announced that it is planning a major change to its tourist visa policy, a move meant to woo travelers from the U.S.

Traveling internationally should be an enriching experience, allowing you to experience other cultures and places without any worries. Unfortunately, there are those who are looking to take advantage of foreign tourists.