May 20, 2020
Visa tips

Vietnam E-visa Requirements For Micronesians

The requirements for Micronesians to apply a Vietnam e-visa are pretty basic. Here are the requirements that you need to prepare:

  • Valid passport – your passport should be valid for at least six months from your entry date. It should have at least two blank pages where the visa will be stamped.
  • You must not fall on those categories describing travelers as someone who is prohibited from entering the country according to Vietnamese Immigration law.
  • Application form that must be filled out online. Aside from your personal details, you must provide your passport details, as well as travel details.
  • Credit card or debit card for payment. Since the payment must be done online, you need to use a card for payment. It’s also possible to pay with PayPal and other modes of payment.
  • Passport-sized photos – you will also be asked to upload passport-sized photos with a white background. The photos must be in jpeg format and will be uploaded during the visa application online. Photo Guide.

How To Make E-Visa Application For Vietnam [Detailed Guide]


The standard processing time for the Vietnam e-visa for citizens of Micronesia is 3 – 5 business days. But this could take longer, depending on the number of applications that the Vietnam Immigration authorities will receive.

There are many reasons why Micronesian citizens who plan to holiday in Vietnam should choose the e-visa. For one, the e-visa is the fastest and easiest way to get travel authorization to enter Vietnam.

Compared to other types of visas to Vietnam, the Vietnam e-visa is the easiest to apply. In fact, you don’t need to bring anything on your trip to the country.

To be approved of the e-visa, you need to provide certain requirements. The requirements are similar to what you will submit when applying for a regular visa.

Latvian citizens will need to submit the same requirements as you would when applying for the standard visa. But the difference is that you need to have a scanned copy of your passport (Sample for passport’s bio page) that you need to upload.

Mongolians are among those nationalities that are eligible for the Vietnam e-visa. So what are the requirements that a Mongolian citizen must submit when applying for this visa? Valid email address where you will receive updates regarding the processing of your e-visa.

For citizens of Monaco who need to apply for a Vietnam e-visa, it’s important that you prepare the requirements ahead of time. Here are the requirements for applying this type of visa: A passport that’s valid for at least six months from the date of entry to Vietnam.

The process that Micronesian passport holders need to follow to achieve the Vietnam e-visa is explained below. Go to the Vietnam Immigration website and fill the application form for e-visa.