April 12, 2020

Vietnam resume visa-free program for citizens of Germany starting from March 15, 2022

It’s clear that the Covid 19 pandemic has resulted in such a significant impact in the travel and tourism industry. Because the virus has been spreading rapidly, travelers have to make an unfortunate decision of postponing or canceling their travel plans. In Vietnam, the government has to stop accepting foreigners, including those who are supposedly eligible for the visa-free entry. These include citizens of Germany who are allowed to enter Vietnam visa-free, as a result of the visa waiver policy.

Thankfully, these travel restrictions are only temporary. Vietnam has already lifted the ban on these travel restrictions. The country is once again accepting foreign visitors, including German citizens who are eligible for visa-free entry into the country.

👉 Requirements for International Tourists to Enter Vietnam Starting March 15, 2022

The Vietnam Visa Waiver Program

The Germans are among those foreign nationals who can enter the country without the need for a visa, thanks to their visa waiver program. With this program, German passport holders don’t need to show any visa when entering Vietnam. They just need to show their passport and some travel documents.

Launched in 2015, the Visa Waiver Program was part of Vietnam’s efforts to invite foreign visitors into the country. This should have ended last December 2019. But because the program has been successful in bringing thousands of tourists in Vietnam, they have decided to extend to three more years. Thus, German citizens have until December 2022 to take advantage of this privilege.

But the visa waiver program may not be applicable to everyone. That’s because it will only let you stay in the country for up to 15 days or about two weeks. If your holiday in Vietnam will take more than two weeks, then you might as well apply for a visa.

Temporary Suspension of Visa-free Entry Due to Covid 19

When Vietnam decided to temporarily suspend visa-free entry, several foreign nationals were affected. These include German citizens who were planning a holiday to the country. But it’s not only Vietnam that’s implementing travel restrictions to fight the Covid 19. Several other countries around the world have also done the same thing.  Indeed, by preventing the entry of foreign visitors, Vietnam was able to successfully contain the spread of the virus.

Thanks to Vietnam’s efforts in limiting the spread of the virus, the country is now trying to go back to normal. Because of this, they are now inviting German tourists back into the country to enjoy a visa-free holiday.

Vietnam Visa-free Entry Requirements for Citizens of Germany

Even though German citizens can enter Vietnam without the need for a visa, they are also required to present certain documents to be able to get in. These are the documents that you need to show to be able to enter the country.

  • Valid passport – you are required to show a valid German passport upon entry. It must be valid for at least six months from your date of entry. Above all, the passport must have two extra blank pages for the stamp.
  • Proof of onward travel – since your stay in the country will only be limited to 15 days, you must be able to show proof that you will get out before the 15-day period is over. Thus, you should present a departure ticket showing your exit date.

Applying for a Vietnam Visa for Citizens of Germany

As mentioned, the visa-free policy will only allow you to stay in Vietnam for 15 days. This may not be enough to fully enjoy your holiday in the country. If you want to be able to stay longer, you should consider getting a Vietnam visa. The process of getting a visa to Vietnam is now so easy for all German nationals.

As a citizen of Germany, you can apply for two kinds of visa, the e-visa, and visa on arrival. The e-visa will grant you a stay of 30 days. This visa can be easily applied online and it will be issued online as well. Therefore, you don’t need to leave your home if you want to get this visa. They will send it to you through email and you can just print the file. That’s what you will show at the Vietnam Immigration in order to be granted a one-month vacation in the country.

If you want a much longer vacation, then go for the visa on arrival. When applying for this visa, you can choose between single entry and multiple entries. Plus, you have an option to choose the visa with 60-day validity. Although this visa will only be given at the airport when you arrive, you must apply for this in advance online. That way, they will give you a letter, which you need to present at the airport in order to be granted the visa.


The Government of Vietnam has temporarily suspended the entry of all foreigners due to the complicated development of the Covid 19 pandemic. This move was just one of the many efforts that the Vietnam government has put in place in order to combat the quick increase of the coronavirus cases.

The Covid 19 pandemic has brought travel to a standstill and caused massive disruption in the travel and tourism industry. From March 2020, when the virus started spreading rapidly, Vietnam has to close its borders and limit the entry of foreign travelers.

The outbreak of Covid 19 has presented the world with a major challenge. This is especially true in the travel and tourism sector.

The Covid 19 pandemic has sent shockwaves throughout the world and has affected the way people live and travel. When the virus started spreading very rapidly, countries have to close borders and stopped accepting foreign visitors.

The Covid 19 pandemic has greatly affected the lives of many. It was around the middle of March 2020 when the World Health Organization has declared the coronavirus a worldwide pandemic.