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Afghanistan There is no Consulate of Afghanistan in Da Nang City, Vietnam Also, there is no Embassy of Afghanistan in Hanoi capital city of Vietnam. Ask : Where is the nearest location of Embassy of Afghanistan from Vietnam? Anser : Here is the nearest Embassy of Afghanistan from Vietnam : Embassy of Afghanistan in Beijing,

My name is Akio Hashimoto, and I am from Nagoya, Japan. I am an individual who loves to travel to different countries and their cities, experience their culture and heritage, and learn the traditions.

My name is Jae Wan and I am from Daegu, South Korea, and my nationality is Korean. I am a businessman for which I need to travel.

My name is Delilah Jane Van Den Berg, I am from Amsterdam and my nationality stands as a Dutch. For the past five months I have been planning to take my higher studies from a good and reputed international university.

Ever since my photography degree course from Delhi College ended on a good note, I started doing freelance work. And I am here to share my experience with you about how I secured a reputable position as travel photographer by visiting Vietnam through visa on arrival.

Professionally, my corporate world knows me better as Rishi Malhotra from Pune, India. And if you ask me why I’ve been here writing, I am going to share my visa on arrival experience to travel to Vietnam in this post.

It took me two months to decide which field was appropriate for me after higher secondary examinations. Since my favorite subject was social science, I wanted to pursue with the same! Hence, I was seeking such a career opportunity where I could dig into the subjects’ history, culture, and adventure associated with it! After several

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