April 11, 2020
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Vietnam Visa Extension – Do It Yourself or Through a Sponsorship Company?

If you’re currently stuck in Vietnam as a result of the Covid 19 travel restrictions, yet you’re worried about your visa expiring soon, then you should apply for a visa extension. When you apply for a visa extension, you are required to submit certain documents. You also need to get in touch with an agency that can sponsor your stay in the country. It’s also possible to go directly to the Vietnam Immigration and apply for a visa extension. In this case, it will be your country’s embassy or consulate-general that will sponsor your stay.

Going through a sponsorship company for your Vietnam visa extension is a more convenient option. They will handle everything for you and all you will do is to submit the requirements. After a few days, you’ll get your passport back and your visa validity is already extended.

Challenges In Doing the Visa Extension Yourself

Doing the visa extension by yourself comes with many challenges. As you know, you don’t speak the local language and this can make the process even more difficult. Here are some of the difficulties that you could encounter when you choose to do the visa extension on your own

  • The steps and procedures involved in the Vietnam visa extension are very complicated.
  • You don’t have the knowledge and expertise in processing visa extensions and all your efforts might only go to waste in the end.
  • The process is just too complicated to understand and you’ll only encounter troubles that will make the experience frustrating.
  • You don’t have the right connections within the Vietnam Immigration so no one can help whenever you encounter issues during the process.
  • It could take a long time before your visa extension will be approved. And if your visa is about to expire soon, then you could face problems.
  • The language barrier is the biggest challenge you’ll encounter. Although the staff speaks Basic English language, sometimes, it’s difficult to comprehend their instructions, and this could delay the process even further.

Aside from the things mentioned above, there are many other issues that you could encounter if you will choose to process your visa extension on your own. It’s not just worth the stress! So forget about a DIY visa extension. Instead, look for a sponsorship company that can process the visa extension on your behalf.

Why Use a Sponsorship Company for your Vietnam Visa Extension?

Here are more reasons why you should use a sponsorship company for your visa extension:

  • They are experienced and fully qualified to process all kinds of Vietnam visa extensions. Plus, they are knowledgeable about local laws and regulations on visa processing and extension.
  • Since they are experts in handling visa extensions, there is a good chance that your extension request will be approved.
  • You will not have to pay for any overrun costs when getting your visa extended.
  • When using their services, you’ll be asked to sign a contract. The contract will be presented to you clearly and ensure transparency for the entire process.
  • They can suggest the most appropriate visa extension procedure that applies to your situation.
  • You can guarantee quick results and they will ensure that your visa extension will be processed right on schedule.
  • They can handle any issues that could arise during the processing of your visa extension. For instance, if there are lacking documents, they can help you accomplish it.
  • You will be paying a reasonable cost and receive excellent quality of service.
  • They offer a preferential policy for groups of applicants (more than one), as well as partners and employees.

Process Involved In the Vietnam Visa Extension Service

Here are the steps involved in getting your visa extended through a sponsorship company:

  1. Get a free consultation. They will advise you on the process involved and inform you of the needed documents for your visa extension.
  2. When you decide to use their service, you will be asked to sign a contract. They will also accept the documents that they have asked you to submit.
  3. They will start processing your Vietnam visa extension.
  4. The company representative will send your application to the Vietnam Immigration. If there are any issues, they will make sure to address them immediately.
  5. After a few days, they will receive the result of your visa extension.
  6. They will hand over your new visa and will assist you further if you have any other concerns concerning your stay in Vietnam.

As you see, going through a sponsorship company comes with many benefits. These companies have a wide range of experience in the field so they are fully aware of the process involved in visa extension. Furthermore, they are knowledgeable about the legal procedures involved and will ensure quick results. This is especially important if your visa is about to expire soon. With their help, you can avoid paying the penalties that could incur if your visa extension will be delayed.

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  • Immigration stamped to know which port you entered Vietnam.
  • Latest date of entry to know how long you have been in Vietnam with the current visa

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Frequently Asks About Vietnam Visa Extension


As a holder of a Vietnam visa, your stay in the country is only limited. Depending on the type of visa that you have, your stay could be limited only to 30 days, 60 days, etc.

Applying for a visa to Vietnam is now easy. Most foreign visitors are qualified to avail of the e-visa and visa on arrival.

Thousands of foreign tourists are now stranded in Vietnam after the government imposed several travel restrictions. The country’s Prime Minister has declared Covid 19 as a nationwide epidemic and has put the country on lockdown.

Getting a visa to Vietnam these days is so easy. Aside from offering free visa entry to certain nationalities under the visa waiver program, Vietnam also offers an electronic visa and visa on arrival to most foreign visitors.

The e-Visa is the most popular type of Vietnam visa simply because it’s easy to avail. However, this visa will only allow you to stay in the country for 30 days.

Travelling to a mesmerizing nation like Vietnam is the dream of each and every person out there. With the country’s government deciding to offer Vietnam e-visa program, visiting Vietnam is quite easy now.