March 9, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

What is Vietnam e-visa and how Swiss citizens can obtain it?

If you are looking for a new place to visit and explore gorgeous beaches, enjoy warm weather, and vibrant culture, you can never go wrong with Vietnam. In fact, Vietnam is growing as a desirable tourist destination. The country is over 600 miles long from north to south so it has a different climate zones. The right time to visit Vietnam is from January to April and October and November. If your holidays fall on these months, you must spend your vacation in Vietnam.

Does Swiss citizens need visa for entering Vietnam?

Yes! Your country is not in the exemption list so you need to obtain a visa for entering and exiting Vietnam, regardless of the purpose of the visit. But, the visa process in Vietnam is easier. Yes, the Vietnam government has made visa process simple and straightforward.  There are three options to obtain cheap Vietnam visa for Swiss citizens.

  • You can lodge your application in person at the Vietnam embassy or consular section in your country.
  • Or opt for Visa on Arrival and e-visa

Based on the purpose of the visit and length of your stay you can decide on which type of visa you will be opting.

What is Vietnam e- visa and how Swiss citizens can obtain it?

This is one of the best options if you are planning to stay in Vietnam less than 30 days. It is very popular among tourists as it offers a plethora of benefits. Every process is carried out virtually so it is easier and hassle-free. Besides, it is affordable as well. The process is the same as visa on arrival (see below). One of the significant reasons why many prefer this option is that e-visa is accepted in all airports, seaports, and land ports in Vietnam.

Indeed e-visa has certain advantages worth considering. In fact, e-visa speeds up the process of obtaining the visa and makes arrival at the port a smoother experience. Moreover, obtaining e-visa is really affordable than other methods.

The visa is valid for one time that doesn’t exceed 30 days, and it is applicable to travellers entering Vietnam. If you have got e-visa, you need to be accordance with the immigration law.

Since you need to submit the application online, you don’t have to wait on the visa counter to get your visa stamped on the passport.

Ports of entry that accepts e-visa

List-of-port that accept for e-visa

Here is what you need to know about obtaining visa through the embassy

You can personally visit the embassy or send the application form to the embassy through mail or post. In case if you are opting for post or courier, you have to send the application form with required documents such as, passport, one pass port size photo (Photo Guide), a self-addressed stamped envelope and the visa application fee by registered email to the embassy. Ensure to fill the right details of your personal information such as name, passport number, and nationality, date of birth, and arrival and departure date.

Visa on arrival

Visa on arrival is the most preferred method to obtain cheap Vietnam visa for most of the travellers. This method is cheaper, faster, and you don’t have to risk sending your passport by sending it to the embassy.  You can apply by yourself or approach a travel agency that is specialized in getting Vietnam visa via visa on arrival.  However, it can be used if you are flying into any of the international airports in Vietnam.

If you are Swiss citizen travelling by air, ensure to use any of the international airports for arrival. You can’t enter seaports and landports with visa on arrival. For entering Vietnam through other ports, consider e-visa.

Be it e-visa or visa on arrival, approaching a reliable agency to obtain Vietnam visa is a good idea. Do you want to apply for an e-visa? Contact Vietnam Visa Cheap – The best travel agency in Vietnam. We offer 100% money guarantee if the Government rejects your visa application. Contact our representatives for more information.


Are you from Switzerland and thinking of going on a vacation to Vietnam? If you are, then you should start applying for an e-visa now. That’s because you are among those nationalities that are eligible to avail of this new electronic visa.