September 10, 2020
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Why Hiring Assistance Service to Get Your Vietnam Visa Extended?

Vietnam is such a beautiful country. A lot of travellers would go there for a short holiday only to end up staying longer. Unfortunately, Vietnam visas are only good for a certain period. If you entered Vietnam using a tourist visa, your stay will only be limited to 30 days, depending on the type of visa that you have applied for.

So what happens when you realize that your Vietnam visa is about to expire and you are thinking of extending your stay? In this case, you can hire an assistance service to get your Vietnam visa extended. Here’s everything you need to know about this.

Extension of a Vietnam Tourist Visa

Extending your Vietnam tourist visa will allow you to stay in Vietnam longer than the stated validity on your visa. For instance, if you’re holding the tourist visa that’s only good for 30 days, and you realize later on that you wanted to stay longer, you can get the visa extended for 30 more days or so.

The good thing about getting your visa extended is that you no longer need to leave the country. As for the duration of the extension, this will pretty much depend on the type of visa that you have. If you wanted to extend your visa for one more month, you should be holding a visa that has a validity of at least one month. But you cannot request for a 3-month extension if your current visa is only good for a month.

You will have to pay for the extension of your visa and the cost will depend on the agency that provides assistance service for Vietnam visa extension. The fee will also depend on the duration of your extension and your nationality. Of course, a 3-month visa extension will cost more than a 1-month visa extension.

How To Apply for a Vietnam Visa Extension

Although it’s possible to apply for a visa extension on your own, using the assistance service of a local agency can save you from all the hassles. Remember, you don’t speak the local language and preparing the required documents can be a challenge.

Here are the steps on how to apply for a Vietnam visa extension:

  1. Fill out the visa extension application form also known as the NA5. You can get this form from the local agency.
  2. After you fill out the form, give it to the agency along with your passport.
  3. You also need to submit other requirements such as a photocopy of your passport bio page, immigration stamp, existing visa, date of last entry to Vietnam, name of the port of entry and some details about your accommodation in Vietnam.
  4. Wait for up to 5 working days for the result of your application. The standard processing time for a one-month visa extension is 5 to 7 working days. For a 3-month visa extension, the processing time is 10 working days.

Hiring an Assistance Service for Vietnam Visa Extension

Several agencies in Vietnam can provide assistance service to get your Vietnam visa extended. They are very professional and speak English well so communication would not be an issue. Before sending your application to the Immigration Dept., they will check the form and make sure that the necessary details are there. This is to avoid delay in the processing of your visa.  If you are pressed for time, hiring a local agency is definitely a good idea.

Things To Keep In Mind

It’s important to note that not all nationalities are eligible for a Vietnam visa extension. Also, the requirements would change from time to time so it is best to find out the latest updates. You can check with a local Vietnam agency to inquire for the requirements so you can prepare ahead.

As mentioned above, it will take time for your visa extension to be processed. Therefore, you need to apply for it as early as possible. If your existing visa is about to expire in two weeks, you should apply for the extension now.

Extension Versus Renewal

A lot of foreign tourists often end up getting confused when it comes to getting their Vietnam visa extended or renewed. So what’s the difference between a visa extension and visa renewal?

When your visa extension is approved, you will have a new length of stay on your Vietnam visa. So if you requested for a one-month extension and it’s approved, your new length of stay in Vietnam is one month.

On the other hand, if you requested for a visa renewal, you will be issued a new visa stamp on your passport along with the new duration dates.

Both renewal and extension will allow you to apply for a maximum of three months stay, depending on the validity of your existing visa.


As a foreigner in Vietnam, your stay in the country is only limited to the validity period of your visa. For instance, if you’re holding a tourist visa with a 30-day validity period, this means your stay in the country cannot go beyond 30 days.

In order to curb the spread of Covid-19, Vietnam has decided to shut down its borders in March. The government also suspended all International flights and halted the issuance of new visas to foreign nationals.

Depending on the type of visa that you currently have, you will need to have a sponsoring entity for the extension of your visa. The NA5 form that you will submit must be signed and stamped by the direction of the entity before you submit the form to the immigration office.

You can extend the validity of your visa depending on the type of visa that you have. Usually, this can be extended for up to six months.

If you will choose to process the extension of your visa by yourself, you need to first prepare the required documents. Here are the documents needed: Form NA5 – you can download this form online.

If you are holding a Vietnam visa, one of the most important things you need to keep in mind is the validity of the visa. These visas will only allow you to stay in the country for a certain number of days.

If you want to extend your Vietnam tourist visa, please see price below Your current visa Ext. 15 days Ext.

It is usually takes 5-7 business days to get your e-visa extended and please note that your e-visa and passport will be kept by the Immigration Department of Vietnam during this period. Your e-visa can be extended faster if you are stay in Hanoi city because Hanoi is the only place for e-visa extension.