March 7, 2024

Visa Exemption Agreement Between Vietnam – Korea (Republic)

According to the Agreement between the Governments of Vietnam and South Korea on visa exemption for diplomatic and official passport holders, signed on December 15, 1998 and effective from January 13, 1999.

Have agreed as follows:

  • Diplomatic passport and official passport holders can enjoy a visa exemption for a temporary residence period of up to 90 days. If diplomatic missions and consulates request it, this period can be extended. However, if they want to stay beyond 90 days, they must apply for a visa in advance. The visa will be granted free of charge.
  • Members of diplomatic missions, consulates, international organizations, and their family members holding diplomatic or official passports are exempt from visa requirements during their working term.

Note: Vietnam has recently granted a unilateral 45-day visa exemption to citizens of the Republic of Korea for their entry into the country, thereby facilitating easier travel between the two nations.

The original official agreement between Vietnam – Korea (Republic) is as follows:


On October 13, 2012, the Government of Vietnam and the Government of Kuwait signed an agreement that exempts the holders of diplomatic or official passports from obtaining visas. The agreement became effective on April 24, 2013.

The governments of Kazakhstan and Vietnam have recently approved an agreement that exempts citizens of both countries from visa requirements. The agreement was issued on June 13, 2023, and came into immediate effect.