March 4, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

Cheap Vietnam E-Visa for San Marino Citizen – All You Need to Know

While planning for Vietnam trip, you need to get a valid visa to enter the country. Before applying for cheap Vietnam e-visa for San Marino citizen, you need to go through the Vietnam visa exemption list. It helps you know whether your country is in the Vietnam visa exemption list. If your country is in the list, then you can enter Vietnam and stay there for duration of 15 days. The duration differs based on the country you are from.

Countries on Vietnam visa exemption list

Stay allowed for less than 15 days are

Less than 14 days

Less than 30 days

The Philippines citizens are allowed to stay for less than 21 days and the Chile citizens can stay for less than 90 days in Vietnam.

If your country is not in the list, you need to apply for a cheap Vietnam visa with the help of a travel agency. The agency you choose must be reliable and complete the visa application process in time.

How to apply for Vietnam visa?

For applying cheap Vietnam e-visa for San Marino citizen, you have three options: Contacting the Vietnam embassy in your country; Applying for e-visa; Applying for Vietnam visa on arrival.

Contacting the embassy is considered as the tradition method of applying for Vietnam visa. Here. You need to wait in a long queue to apply your visa. It takes more time to apply the visa. You need to visit the embassy once again to pick your visa from the embassy. Due to these reasons, many people avoid choosing this method to apply the Vietnam visa.

Applying for Vietnam visa on arrival helps you to apply the Vietnam visa at your convenience. You can apply for the visa from anywhere at any time. But only the passengers traveling through air can apply for it. People traveling through land or sea cannot make use of this method. This visa on arrival is accepted only in a few international airports and they are

Applying for Vietnam e-visa

While applying for cheap Vietnam e-visa for San Marino citizen, you can apply from anywhere at any time at your convenience. It helps you save your time and get your visa on time.

Step 1: Choose the right travel agency

The very first step in applying the Vietnam visa is choosing the right travel agency. It is always better to choose the travel agency that offers 100% risk-free service to the customers. They will provide 100% cash back if your visa is denied by the government for any reason. This helps you to apply your visa without any stress.

Step 2: Apply your visa

Then you need to fill the online application form provided in the travel agency website. You have to fill the details such as

  • E-mail Id
  • Address
  • Your name
  • Passport number
  • Entry date
  • Passport validity (expire date)
  • Age
  • Your date of birth
  • Sex
  • Exit date
  • Your port of entry
  • Port of exit and more.

Step 3: Pay the visa fee

After complete filling the online application form, then it’s time to pay your visa fee online. You can use your credit or debit card to pay the fee. You can also use you Paypal account to pay the fee. It is important to note that with Vietnam e-visa, you no need to pay for stamping fee as like visa on arrival method.

Step 4: Receive your visa

The next step is to get your visa to your email id. So it is important to provide the correct email address while filling the online application form.

Step 5: Make a print of the visa

Then you need to take the print of the visa you got to your email to submit it in the destination port. You no need to get the visa stamping at the destination port as like visa on arrival method.


The Vietnam e-visa is a single entry visa with 30 days validity. So you cannot go to your country and come back to Vietnam using the same visa. For this, you need to get a new visa again.

You can enter Vietnam through airport, seaport and landport using the Vietnam e-visa option.

No need to pay the stamping fee at your destination port while applying for cheap Vietnam e-visa


The citizens of San Marino are among those nationalities that need a visa to be able to enter Vietnam. Thankfully, applying for a Vietnam visa now so easy, thanks to the e-visa program.