February 28, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

Know How to Apply For Vietnam E-Visa for Romania Citizen

Vietnam is filled with natural beauty. Many tourists prefer visiting Vietnam due to the various tourist spots available there. Romania citizen who are planning for Vietnam trip should have a cheap Vietnam visa to enter the country. Applying for Vietnam e-visa is one of the most preferred methods to get Vietnam visa.

How to apply for Vietnam visa?

People who are willing to go to Vietnam have three options to apply cheap Vietnam visa for Romania citizen. They are

  • Applying for Vietnam e-visa
  • Choosing Vietnam visa on arrival method
  • Contacting the Vietnam embassy

Among the three options, most people prefer choosing the Vietnam e-visa option to get their Vietnam visa. It is simple and easy process to get the visa.

Before applying for Vietnam visa, you need to check whether your country is in the Vietnam visa exemption list. If so, then you can travel to Vietnam without a visa for a specific period. Below are the countries in the Vietnam visa exemption list:

Vietnam visa waiver program

As Romania is not in the list mentioned about, the citizens of Romania should apply for a valid Vietnam visa. You can prefer opting for Vietnam e-visa. You need to check whether Romania is in the eligibility list to apply for Vietnam e-visa. As of now, Vietnam has approved e-visa option for only 80 countries.

Vietnam e-visa

To apply for a cheap Vietnam e-visa, you need to contact a travel agency. Then fill the application form provided in their website to apply your visa. Be sure to provide accurate details to avoid rejection of your application form. The details you need to provide include

  • Your name
  • Age
  • Birth date
  • Sex
  • Passport number
  • Passport expiry date
  • Date of entry
  • Date of exit
  • Type of visa
  • Entry port
  • Exit port
  • Your address
  • Phone number
  • Valid email id

Then you will be taken to payment section where you need to pay the visa fee using your credit or debit card. Cash payment is not accepted here, as it is an online payment option. After the fee payment, the visa approval letter will reach your email within two or three business days. So make sure to check your email often to know whether you received the visa approval letter. Take a print of the approval letter and submit it in the destination port to enter the country.

Ports applicable for e-visa option

Unlike visa on arrival option, Vietnam e-visa option pays way to enter Vietnam through various ports such as land port, sea port and airport. Know the ports through which you can enter into the country using Vietnam e-visa.

Land port

International airport



While looking for a reliable travel agency to apply your Vietnam e-visa, you can contact Vietnamimmigration.org. We offer 100% risk-free visa application process. We will provide 100% cash back

  • If you don’t like our service
  • In case we make any error in your application (Or we can arrange a new visa without any charge)
  • Your application is denied by the government

You will receive the refund amount to your bank account within seven working days depending on the bank. If you have paid via your Paypal account, then the amount will be credited back to the account within two days.


If you are a citizen of Romania and you’re planning to go to Vietnam for a vacation, you should apply for your Vietnam visa as early as now. Thankfully, you’re among those citizens that are eligible to avail of the e-visa.