March 4, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

Know How to Apply For Cheap Vietnam E-Visa for Serbia Citizen

Are you blinking how to apply for cheap Vietnam e-visa for Serbia citizen? Then you are at the right place. Continue reading this article to get the insight into the different types of Vietnam visa processing.

Visa exemption

Vietnam has provided visa exemption option for 24 countries. People from this country no need to apply for a Vietnam visa to entry the country. They can travel to the country with a visa and stay there for a specific time period. Most countries are provided with maximum of 15 days stay in Vietnam without the Vietnam visa. The countries are

Malaysia, Kyrgyzstan, Denmark, South Korea, Myanmar, Indonesia, Brunei, Germany, Philippines, Cambodia, Japan,  Singapore, Thailand, Chile, Belarus, Italy, Spain, France, Norway, Finland, United Kingdom, Sweden, Russia and Laos.

Vietnam visa waiver program

Visa options

For applying cheap Vietnam e-visa, you have three different options and the process of each method varies as its own. The three different methods are

  • Embassy method where you need to visit the Vietnam embassy
  • Vietnam visa on arrival method where you can apply at your convenience
  • Vietnam e-visa that helps you apply from anywhere and anytime

Embassy method

While applying the Vietnam visa through embassy method, you need to visit the Vietnam embassy at your country. There you may need to wait in a long queue to apply for your visa. It may take a long time and you may feel very tired. Sometimes you may need to wait for a whole day to complete your visa application process. Once your visa is ready, again you need to visit the embassy to get your visa in hand. This is a very time consuming process and so many people avoid this method to apply the Vietnam visa.

Applying Vietnam visa through visa on arrival method

This method is considered as one of the easiest method to apply the Vietnam e-visa. Here you need to choose the right travel agency to apply your visa. You can apply the visa from anywhere at any time. Even you can apply from other countries. But, while choosing the embassy method, you need to reach the embassy in your country to apply the visa.

You will get your visa approval letter in four to two working days. Then you need to take a copy of it to submit it at the destination airport to get your visa. You will have to pay the stamping fee at the destination airport to get your visa. The stamping fee should be paid in cash only. Then you can enter Vietnam and visit the places.

Vietnam e-visa option

It is the most preferred method for applying the Vietnam visa. You just need to fill the online application provided in the travel agency website. There you need to fill the details with correct information. However, providing the correct details will save your application from rejection. So be careful in providing the details.

After completing the online application form, you need to pay for the same. The visa fee varies from country to country. However, be informed about the visa fee for your country so that you can have balance in your account. You need to pay the fee online only. So you need to use your credit or debit card to pay the amount. You can also use Paypal account to pay the fee.

Receiving the visa

After completing the application process and payment, you will receive the visa to your email. You need to take a print of it to submit it in your destination port. Vietnam e-visa allows you to choose any of port to enter Vietnam: sea port, land port and airport.


International airport

Land port


While applying for a cheap Vietnam e-visa, you need to choose a reliable travel agency to avoid last minute hassles. You can contact us to apply your Vietnam visa. We will provide 100% cash back if your visa is denied by the government or you don’t like our service. Ours is a 100% risk-free Vietnam visa application process. Contact us now!


All Serbian citizens are required to have a visa before they can enter Vietnam. But the good news is that it’s now easy for Serbians to get a Vietnam visa, thanks to the e-visa program.